Thursday, December 07, 2023

 Wind, rain, cold. I tried to adopt your excellent suggestion of wearing a hat, Tamar, but to my embarrassment nothing very suitable could be found. Should I abandon all this ridiculous knitting and knit myself a hat? 

I am sorry for two days of silence. All is well, except that, perhaps, I have a bit of a cold. The dr said recently that I must let him know at the first sign of a lung infection so that an antibiotic can be started promptly. But if this is just a cold, an antibiotic won’t help and it will harm the microbiome. There’s no cough, let alone a productive one. No knitting yesterday — that’s a bad sign.

Helen was here briefly this morning on her way to Kirkmichael, to meet a man who was going to value the house, her thought being to buy out the other three and live there. I have given her my 1/6 and my busband’s so she now owns half (if my arithmetic suffices) but I have to live for quite a while for the value of the gift to be entirely removed from my estate for inheritance tax purposes. I’m not sure I’m up to it.

Random thot: there seems to be a lot of volcanic activity in the world all of a sudden. Indonesia and Mount Etna and cracks opening up in Iceland to the extent that they have emptied a whole village. 

Wordle:  It took Wafa to crack it (in four) yesterday: I had three greens but was totally baffled. The word was WOMAN. Today the cisAtlantic team all got four except for Ketki who scored three. There’s no news from Mark. In DC Theo was another four and his father Roger a brilliant two. 


  1. Today's wordle is sitting waiting for inspiration. Of my two starter words, I got exactly NO letters of any kind. My husband said, well, it will be easy to see what it isn't, anyhow. Gee thanks. I've never had NONE before. One yes, a couple of times, but NONE?

  2. I wore a hat one day this week and it made such a difference. How long would it take you to knit one in aran or chunky?

  3. Anonymous5:34 PM

    My feeling is that if it is cold enough in your house that wearing a hat helps you, it is probably too cold to be really healthy for an older body. But I am sure Jean could produce a comfortable hat quickly if she feels it will be beneficial......
    Here's the link to the Age Concern advice on the subject
    "Cold temperatures can be very dangerous to older people's health as they not only increase the likelihood and severity of flu, chest infections and other respiratory problems but they also raise blood pressure which puts people at greater risk of heart attacks and strokes". They recommend a living room temperature of 21 degrees C or above. You can get a digital thermometer to check your room temp in lots of places online, including Amazon who have the "card thermometers"from 1.99. it might be a good investment?

  4. I know you could knit a hat very speedily and beautifully but perhaps you could find one you like online and someone in your family might like to buy it for a Christmas present. I have a kangol one which is knitted on the outside and fleece inside and it's really toasty warm.

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      That sounds a lovely hat indeed

  5. Mary Lou5:15 PM

    It took me five to get woman! I was embarrassed for myself. Today I got it in two with a wildly lucky guess! I hope the cold improves.