Friday, August 31, 2018

A fairly industrious day. I even did some doorstep gardening. I’m doing the final cluster of increases on the first Kirigami sleeve – every 8th round 4 times. I should polish that off this evening, and perhaps the sleeve itself if I can find some mindless television. There’s not much to do, when the increases are finished, and I may curtail even that “not much”, preferring sleeves to be on the short side.

I’m no longer worried about not having enough yarn to finish. I was miscalculating, at the beginning, and rather over-prone to worry anyway.

I’ve put my new batch of chilli sauce into containers:

I’m rather proud of that bottle towards the rear. On our way to the Games last Saturday, we found that Blairgowrie was having its monthly farmer’s market. We were in good time, so we stopped for a while, and I bought a bottle of  “Chilli Devil Sauce” from a man from Abernethy. It was his hottest one, he said. It was not at all to my taste – far too sweet, and not nearly hot enough.

What I am proud of is that, instead of leaving it at the back of a kitchen shelf for 4 ½ years and then throwing it out, I tipped it down the lavatory this morning and re-used the bottle for my own purposes.

I had also ordered some “clip-top” Kilner bottles on line – the sort of thing with a plastic plug for the mouth of the bottle, held in place by a metal clip. They arrived this afternoon, too late for the picture, but by now the last of the sauce in the bowl has been decanted into one of them.

I had an enticing email from Toast this morning, followed by an even more enticing look-book (you couldn’t call it a catalogue) in the post. I largely dressed myself in Toast for my cruise, and now I’ve got a wedding coming up. The odd thing is that there are things in the look-book (with price and sizes specified) which I can’t find on the website. And it is from the website that ordering must be done.

Fortunately, perhaps, for those who are going to have to acknowledge a relationship to me on that happy occasion, it is the Mondrian-inspired sweater and seersucker skirt which don’t appear on the website, and the drapey dresses suitable for ladies of advanced years which do.


  1. Hm. Perhaps the look book is full of items for the upcoming season, not yet in stock? I’d email customer service and see if the Mondrian-inspired sweater might be available in time. Surely you have earned the right to dress as you please, and your family strike me as unusually reasonable in such matters, and grateful for your creative flair. (Archie will be your champion!)

  2. There are certainly some lovely things on that Toast site. The quilted jackets look suitably weddingy. After all, Winter is coming. It is the shoes I find surprising. They look comfortable, certainly, but is that really what young people wear these days?