Saturday, August 18, 2018

Nothing to report, despite yesterday’s burst of knitting. I hope I will go curl up in front of the television soon. Shandy, that’s a great idea about listening to Neil McGregor’s “History of the World in 100 objects”. I love him, I love his voice, I love his ideas. (I think I've told you about the time I met him.) I have heard a few random bits of that work on the car radio when driving alone – but then the next thing I know I’m out of range and it goes off.

Can I just tell my dear iPad to play it to me? I’ll get to work on that.

I’m glad you had a successful day in Edinburgh. Helen and her family are in Kirkmichael at the moment, so I haven’t been able to question her about it.

I didn’t book any Italy. I had an email from Helen this morning worrying about whether Archie will in fact be free on the dates in question. There’s no harm postponing a bit, except for my increasing weakness. Archie was wondering anyway whether early October might not be too hot. Early January in Palermo was certainly perfect, temperature-wise, and it didn't rain.

My fermenting chillis are very quiet. That happened the first time I did it. It’s more fun when fermentation is more visibly active – I’ll have to make Brad Leone’s gardiniera again soon (lots of chopping) – that’s a distinctly lively one, and the result is very tasty.

Someone on YouTube stages an experiment which seems to establish that hot sauce made with fermented chillis tastes different from hot sauce made with plain chilli mash. Different; not necessarily better.

When I was in Kirkmichael recently with James and Cathy and their family, I discovered that granddaughter Rachel is a Brad Leone fan. She is an adventurous and intelligent cook, but I didn’t find out how she had come across him.

Back to knitting: I counted stitches last night, and was surprised to discover how small a size I had chosen. (I’m getting stitch-gauge right on the nose; that was a surprise, too.) I’ve got lots of slender granddaughters, if the Kirigami turns out too small for me.


  1. Do tell us again about meeting Neil McGregor. I'd have been struck dumb with awe.
    As you have doubtless discovered, all the programmes are right there on Radio 4 I-player to be downloaded or listened to. The odd thing is listening without being able to see the object - but of course you will be able to see them on your I-pad. There's also the series on Germany, which was enlightening for me as I knew nothing of its history. I also use them on my MP3 in the gym as it gives one something to think about while doing the ten minutes rowing or whatever.

  2. I could listen to the History of the World again, and the one on Germany. Such wonderful stories and such a perfect length!

  3. I just watched Brad Leone on Giardinara - I may have enough in my garden soon to try this out! Also, a NJ Italian for sure!

  4. BBC iPlayer is an app you can download onto your iPad. It’s in the App Store or you can go to this page

    And download from there.

    You have to create an account but it’s easy and then you can mark shows to add to ‘my radio’. You can follow an entire series this way as well. All shows are available for 30 days some for longer like desert island discs. It’s a great way to catch up on a series. I usually listen to the comedy and mystery series this way. Wait a few weeks and the have a good long listen while I and doing chores or running errands. I listen mainly to bbc radio 3 4 and 4extra US radio programming is horrid. Especially classical. Anyway you may know this or not. Enjoy. ��