Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I’m sorry about yesterday. It was Helen’s husband’s David’s birthday, and we all went out to our favourite local hostelry on Broughton Street, the Blue Snail. The arrival of more, perhaps smarter, restaurants in the vicinity has clearly done it no harm so far. It was packed to the rafters.

Not much knitting, although I’m a bit further forward with Rachel’s sock.

I re-read my blog entries for the last month of my husband’s life. Those were tough days, but I did a lot more knitting than seems to be happening now. A great-granddaughter was expected any moment; I was knitting Mary Lou’s Polliwog for her.

I fell asleep (literally) during “Fake or Fortune” on Sunday night. I think the moral is, I need to program knitting into an earlier part of the day. Perhaps I should attempt the quiz which has replaced Pointless, although I shudder at the thought.

The resolution of Sunday’s program (=fake) depended on the say-so of an expert, unseen and unheard, who seemed to be relying on the witness of her eyes (exactly as I had been complaining didn’t happen) despite all the science produced by the program.

I am contemplating another Italian adventure in early October, before the university term starts. Archie is game. Naples – Reggio Calabria – Catania, travelling by train except for there-and-back. Scylla and Charybdis seem to hold no fears for the Italian railway system. We shall see. I’m not sure I’m strong enough now, let alone in several weeks’ time.


  1. Really enjoy your blog. Your one amazing woman. Your knitting is wonderful and love to hear about your travels. your children must be very proud of you! I bet you miss your home in the country. Take care and stay strong!!

  2. Jean, if you do get to Calabria, I am sure you will see the Riace bronzes, but I would also like to endorse MUSABA, in Mammola. It was one of the most magical places we visited during our most recent stint in Italy. I had to miss the Riace bronzes — I stayed back to provide support/interpreting for a student who was ill. But MUSABA is extraordinary. https://www.musaba.org/?lang=en

  3. I expect there was a lot more sitting around then. And waiting for things, which is perfect knitting time. An Italian adventure (with naps!) sounds wonderful.

  4. I was fascinated by the fake or fortune picture. It seemed to my toally uneducated eye that the one being questioned and the one that was fully accredited were both curate's eggs. As though the artist and a slightly less talented pupil had played musical canvasses. The one with the better painted jug had a very much less impressive plate, and vice versa. Who knows?

    1. Learned something new today: a curate's egg!

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Now I wish we could get Fake or Fortune here in the USofA. Jean, between you and Andrea, I am actually contemplating a Fair Isle sweater, something I never thought I would see in my own lifetime:-), There is a very simple yoke style one I thought I'd at least try this winter once I cleared the decks of other knitting commitments. You are very influential. Looking forward to your Italian trip. Glorious time of year for it. Chloe