Thursday, August 23, 2018

The measure now stands at 13 ¼”. That’s better. I should finish the current skein tomorrow, and perhaps even reach the current goal-line, 15” for the underarm.

I got “Ziggurat”. Kathy (of Kathy’s Knits) is actually knitting one of the patterns, and is actually acquainted with Asa Tricosa, who spends part of the year in Scotland.  I feel I ought to make the attempt. I wish she worked in percentages like EZ, but there are plenty of schematics. I could work it out for myself. She has a neat figure (as does Kathy) and goes in for minimal ease. Not me.

I still can’t find that old Vogue Knitting Book. I think the pattern I want is in one of the last – perhaps even the very last – of the old-style VKBs. Mine are all in order in box files, but the latest issue I have is No. 60, which must have been published in the autumn of ’62, since it started up in ’32 and kept resolutely going through the war.

I can’t remember when it subsided, but No. 60 certainly wasn’t the end.

So a box file must be missing, I guess. I have followed my own advice and repeatedly gone back through the box files which are here, without success.

KD says her new book “Handywoman” has been dispatched. Maybe tomorrow? I’m greatly looking forward to it, and she’s clearly very proud of it.


I’m going to the Games on Saturday – the Fourth Saturday in August has come round again. It’s been awhile since any of us have been there, and I’m going just as a day trip. It will be odd. Neil MacGregor was talking today about religious festivals, and I thought how neatly the Games fitted the description, except for not having the slightest element of religion. Everybody is there, gentle and simple, and it celebrates everything we have been doing during the year, knitting and cooking and tending the sheep.


  1. Interesting how designers are often actually designing for their own body shape, with all that entails.

    I am just embarked on Geiger, a Norah Gaughan pattern from Brooklyn Tweed. The pattern itself runs to 30 A4 sheets, which gives you an idea. I may be some time.

  2. “Knitting, cooking, and tending the sheep,” sounds like a perfect life to me. Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Jean,I googled Vogue Knitting Magazine1962 and came up with a used one on Etsy from for almost $20.00. It was called "Book" as you said, not Magazine I don't know how important it is to you nor do I know how to do a link, but you can try it. The cover is of a model in a red garment. You might find something entirely different for a different price, such is the Internet. Chloe

  4. I like a sweater with some ease, especially as I usually want to wear something underneath it. I hope the VKB turns up eventually. I hope it didn't go to the art historian taking over the magnum opus!

  5. Anonymous4:25 PM

    The original run of VK definitely went through 1969 (and perhaps 1970?) in the US, so probably the same in the UK. You may well have misplaced a box's worth.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  6. The Ziggurats book isn’t yet available in the US, and I eagerly await the opportunity to purchase a copy and attempt this method of sweater construction. Later in the fall I will attempt one using the CoCo Knits method, and will be interested to try other designers’ methods. I’ve not yet tried the EPS, but I probably will. Despite my advanced age, I’m fairly new to sweater knitting. Enjoy the Games!