Friday, August 03, 2018

I’m sorry to have left you in silence for so long. We had a grand time in Kirkmichael, including the cats. Paradox cried all the way there and all the way back. Perdita interjected occasional remarks, the cat-ly equivalent, I suspect, of Shut up, why don’t you? Cathy and her daughters had to travel by train, Edinburgh-Pitlochry and back, to make room in the car for the cats.

But they enjoyed freedom, and I enjoyed letting them have it.

I finished Archie’s socks, all except for finishing them. He and younger brother Fergus will be here Sunday evening – they are back from Greece, and Helen is hosting a reunion of old school friends from Birmingham, so there will be no room for them at home.

And I am turning the heel on the first of Rachel’s Pairfect socks. The yarn is quite a recent purchase, and I cannot remember why I chose what I did instead of one of Arne and Carlos’ designs. The result will be nice enough, but A&C would have been more fun.

But now I must get back to the Calcutta Cup, perhaps reserving socks for the weekend.

I haven’t yet been to Kathy’s Knits to buy the Ziggurat book. Maybe tomorrow. I have been feeling very weak, perhaps not surprising after so exciting a July. I have tried to keep walking, and have ambitious plans for tomorrow which will take me past Kathy’s shop.


  1. So glad that you are back and had a grand time!

  2. Really good to hear that you had a happy time at the Centre of the Universe - especially the cats, what ever they might have had to say during the travelling!

  3. Welcome home! So happy to hear it all went well. I still haven't used the Pairfect yet, but it is on the list.

  4. Great to hear from you at last.

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Glad you had such a nice time.

    Would love a pic of Archie's socks "on the hoof".

    Beverly n NJ

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    welcome back. I, also, would love a look at those socks before you give them up. So surprised Paradox was the whiner. You never really know with cats.

  7. =Tamar8:41 PM

    Happy to hear from you. The Pairfect yarn sounds like fun. Take care.