Monday, August 20, 2018

Thanks to Shandy and Neil MacGregor, the Kirigami is now a shadow under 9” long. Moving forward nicely, in fact.  The stitches slide most deliciously around the needle, unlike the ones for the Calcutta Cup vest which I am constantly having to help over the hasp.

It was good to discover that MacGregor’s 100-Object podcasts are still available, too.

You're right about Radio Four, Shandy. I would like to have heard both of the programmes you describe. In the Good Old Days, classy newspapers had ads all over the front page . The Glasgow Herald continued the practice longer, even, than the Times.

One of the very worst moments of Cuban Missile Crisis week was when the Herald had an emphatic little box in the middle of those front page ads, announcing that all the nuclear submarines in the Holy Loch had put to sea.

Weavinfool, you were right – the left-over madtosh DK was in bags in that cupboard. I looked there yesterday. I looked again this morning, and there it was. It’s a general rule of life – I’m sure you all know it, but there’s no harm in enunciating it anew – that in any search, it’s a good idea to go back from time to time and look again where the thing ought to be.

Here’s what I’ve got:

Colours don't show up very well. The basic Penny Loafer yarn is the group to the left of centre.

As you see, I tend to over-buy. Why didn’t I do that this time? Probably because wherever-it-was didn’t have any more. Thank you, Shandy, for the suggestion that I appeal to Ravelry. I hadn’t thought of that. At the moment, I think I’ve got so much madtosh DK that I had better make do with what I’ve got. That dark brown, Whiskey Barrel, centre right, would go well colour-wise, but would the elegant stitch pattern show up? Composition Book Grey, centre top, which is in fact sort of purple, would pick up the blue notes in Penny Loafer and might be better.

Here is a cat picture for you, taken on Paradox’ recent birthday. She is in the foreground.


  1. The cats look so well at home. I am delighted to see that in your glamorous new kitchen, you still have a well used venerable kettle. There is a certain magic in these old utensils - as I think when I use the holey spoon to fish out the boiled eggs. It came from Mum's kitchen, and before that, her Mother, who probably bought it when she set up home in 1918. The pepper mill is a few years younger but it is a good one - it is a Peugeot.

  2. Jean, do you have access to bbcIplayer? there is a chance for you to catch up on the programmes Shandy mentioned

  3. Yes, Enid is right - "Prime Ministers' Props" is still there. Wellington's boots, for example.
    The other programme, very well researched, looked at the sociological implications of those adverts. Sometimes they were even able to locate the family businesses still in operation. The one on Dundee was especially fascinating. However, the thing about the Neil McGregor series is that you are unlikely to run out, with a hundred episodes to go at.

  4. I'm trying to think if we ever saw your new kitchen. I will have to root around in the archives. Nice to see the kitties. How do they compare now, sizewise?

  5. I wrote a long comment yesterday about the iPlayer. Perhaps it would be useful.

  6. Aww, cute happy kitties! I'd lean towards the blue one (I think that's the Composition Book Grey, it just looks blue on my screen/to my eye) as I think it'd both match well and suit you well (from what I've gathered of your coloring from pics). Plus, I like blues, greens, purples, and greys!