Monday, June 27, 2005


All seems to have gone well, and the experience of private medicine, except for the absence of chilled white wine, was delicious. The new eye is much better than the old one, and they are not cooperating very well yet, with the result that I can't actually see very well, but otherwise everything is fine. Thank you, everybody, for good wishes.

I agonised all day Friday about what knitting to take in -- my usual waiting-room socks, or Thomas-the-Younger's striped Koigu? In the end I took both, and a book. I couldn't read, as things turned out, and didn't knit the sock, but I got a lot done on Thomas' sweater while I waited for the doctor to turn up and release me yesterday. Koigu was a particularly delicious yarn to exercise a post-cataract eye on.

Do Dhillon said he learned to knit at school. Garter squares, to be sewn into blankets for Africa. He thought at the time that that was an odd continent to dispatch woollen blankets to. He was at school in Leicester, and is roughly coeval with our children, who also went to school there, but nobody taught them to knit.

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