Sunday, June 19, 2005


We'll be harvesting lettuce and rocket leaves from the doorstep soon. The picture shows the current state of play.


No date yet for the eye replacement op. Drs at the BUPA (private) hospital vie for operating theatre slots like airplanes queueing to take off, he said, and the booking office wasn't open on Saturday. I'll hear from his secretary early next week. He only operates on Saturdays -- the 25th would therefore be the earliest possible, and I sort of gathered that that wasn't very likely. The Saturday after that, Edinburgh is likely to be fairly paralysed by a preliminary-to-G8 demonstration.

He confirmed my impression that the cataracts are getting worse fairly briskly.

He admired my waiting-room socks (for Thomas-the-elder, nearly finished) and wondered if turning a heel was particularly difficult. This from a man who takes people's eyes apart and puts them together again. It is the sort of things drs say to old ladies, of course.

Princess Shawl

I meant Pythagoras -- the man who is going to help me calculate the finished size -- not Archimedes. I will also want to calculate the length of the line from the point of the right triangle to the middle of the hypotenuse. What's that called? The perpendicular, perhaps. Up to about five and a half feet might be all right -- beyond that it would be trailing on the floor behind the bride and only really appropriate for a wedding in Westminster Abbey. Prince William could do worse than one of my granddaughters, but we can't count on him.

I've finished ten repeats of the edging.It's getting to be more and more fun, and I certainly have no wish to search for another yarn. I'd better put in a marker here. And I hope I'll face up to those calculations for tomorrow.


Since there's only one of me, not much got done on it yesterday. But since I am now decreasing 14 stitches every other round, it's getting smaller fast and will be done soon.

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