Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I complain so in November -- I shouldn't let this day (of them all) pass without saying how I love the summer light. We live just around the corner from the house in which Robert Louis Stevenson grumbled, in A Child's Garden of Verses, of having to go to bed by day. I'd love to see the summer solstice in Lerwick, which is hundreds of miles further north.


I finished it. I hope I will get it blocked soon, and post a final picture in a couple of hours. It looks OK, I think. It's wonderful to be rid of it. I got half-way with the casting on of a striped Koigu for Thomas-the-Younger.

Princess Shawl

But the real knitting excitement yesterday was that Sharon Miller rang up. Rang me up. I posted a note to the Heirloom Knitting group, referring to yesterday's musings on the Blog about shawl size, since they are always wanting to hear about how our projects are getting along. She was worried that leaving a couple of "feathers" out will distort the shawl and diminish the design (not just in size, I mean). She is going to send me some of her new gossamer wool, which is fine enough to knit the pattern as written.

Under the circumstances, I didn't knit any more of my edging yesterday. I missed it sorely. As soon as the new yarn comes I will cast on and try. It is bone-coloured, she said, not utterly white. That may make it easier to see.

She clearly understood the wrench it would be to abandon even as few as eleven repeats of the edging. And I am still not ruling out the possibility of knitting the shawl as written with the current yarn, and just letting the result be huge. She said she used to do about four points a day, when she was knitting that edging. I doubt if I could ever manage more than two.


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