Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I had trouble surfing my favourite blogs this morning, so maybe I won't be able to post this, either.

There's now some colour in the tammie, and there should be more by tomorrow. For today, we'll have a Grandchild Picture, celebrating Jamie's second birthday. His father Alexander sent three yesterday. I chose this one for publication because it includes my friend Thomas-the-Younger.

Knitting will persumably remain in a quiet groove for some time. I have set myself, vaguely, to do half-a-repeat of the Princess Shawl edging pattern daily. Effectively, forever. I did a full one yesterday. I posted to the Heirloom Knitting group; no response, except that a brave soul in Sweden took me up on  my offer of a cone of Japanese silk. She'll be sorry.


Since going to that movie last week and realising how much worse my sight is than it was the last time we went to a movie, I have been increasingly worried about the irresponsibility involved in driving about when I can't see very well. I've lost count of how many Decisions I have made about this eye thing, but yesterday I made another -- and made an appointment to see an Eye Man privately (and at enormous expense) on the 18th. I hope he will be able to do the operation(s) quite soon thereafter; this month, anyway.

We're going to the country tomorrow (irresponsibly). If we get back alive, that'll be it, effectively, until I get my new eyes. The Thessaloniki daughter and grandchildren will take up residence there in mid-July. Helen will be able to drive down to Edinburgh to fetch us. There should be lots of people about all through August who could do that, and with any luck I'll be back on the road myself by the end of that month.

So that really leaves only the month's gap between mid-June and mid-July, when we normally would have gone up there once for a few days. I must see if I can find anyone to cut the grass -- a month's grace is longer than I care to allow it. The vegetables will have to fend for themselves. I think it's probably just as well to be here in Edinburgh for the G8 summit anyway, to defend one's furniture and one's stash from Geldof and the anarchists.

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