Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I still haven't reached the armpits on Thomas-the-Younger's striped Koigu. I don't feel it deserves a picture. Maybe tomorrow.

We gave our daughter Rachel a basic digital camera for her birthday last week. She is the mother of Thomas-the-Elder (and others), and will be going to his graduation from Cambridge on Friday. If our son Alexander, her brother (father of Thomas-the-Younger and another), can spare her an hour's instruction before then, we may have a graduation picture here soon.

The eye situation continues good. I find I can knit the Princess Shawl edging with not much more difficulty than before. So I got a bit of that done yesterday, too. When did eye implants become possible? I have been vaguely aware of medical advances over the years -- indeed, was acquainted with the man who invented ultrasound scanning for babies. He was Professor of Gynecology at Glasgow University. He didn't invent the mechanics of it; he saw it being applied in shipbuilding, which used to be a great thing in Glasgow, and realised that it would be useful for babies. In my day -- our youngest is 42 -- there was nothing but x-ray which by then they had the sense to use very sparingly.

But plastic eyes? I missed that one altogether, and I must say, I'm impressed.

The new IK astonished me by turning up here yesterday. I'm not terribly taken with anything on a first flip-through, although there's a little striped skirt that I was briefly tempted to try to sell to a granddaughter. Who has time to knit little striped skirts?

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  1. Jean, what yarn are you using for the Princess Shawl? I want to start mine but I still haven't gotten the yarn.