Saturday, June 25, 2005

Thomas the Elder

I don't know why we had that big gap after the headline in yesterday's Blog. Were they waiting for a picture of Andy Murray? Will it happen again today?

Today's news is that Thomas the Elder got a first. There's no doubt at all that he was in utterly genuine distress over that examination paper on which His Question didn't turn up. And he hasn't got this far in life without sitting some pretty important exams along the way -- he never made an unreasonable amount of fuss about them before. Never mind. It happened. Joy is unconfined.

Princess Shawl

There it is, above, with my original attempt beside it, for comparison. Gauge is now just about perfect. Again yesterday I did  nearly two repeats. I can now manage intermittent short bursts of conversation, and television (unwatched, of course) in the background. That simplifies life. I gather from the Heirloom Knitting list that the yarn isn't offered for sale yet on Sharon's website, but it came with a perfectly normal-looking Hairloom Knitting ballband on it and I feel sure that by the distant time when I need more, it'll be there.


The current magazine turned up here yesterday, rather more promptly than usual. Zilch, I would say, except for a useful-looking article about coillars and a first-rate Perri Klass. That thing on the back cover looks remarkably clapotis-like, although I can see that it's different, and has a head hole. Chicken? Egg? Or just an idea whose time has come?


The operation is scheduled for this afternoon, and I will stay in the hospital overnight. Will I get a glass of chilled white wine with my supper, do you think? I should be back here in Drummond Place tomorrow morning. You can start worrying if a new blog entry hasn't turned up by Tuesday. 


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