Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, there it is. I reached the armpits, although I didn't advance beyond that point. I like the way it's looking, perhaps even better than the black-background prototype.

There is an intellectual excitement about knitting the Princess Shawl edging which makes ordinary knitting, even with Koigu, seem banal. The Princess continues to move forward -- I'm doing better with my funny eyes than I would have thought possible, and that lifeline is moving down, away from the needles.

The missing Katcha Katcha never did turn up, so I've resurrected an old, broken Peg It board with most of its pegs missing. It has, in fact, only four, but that's enough to count the 20 rows of the pattern and also to record how many repeats have been achieved. It would be such a shame to knit 87 of them when I only need 85. I positively enjoy moving a peg after every row, whereas clicking the Katcha was just for-the-record.

An interesting, but not surprising, thing I have noticed about the striped Koigu: on Jamie's one, and the adult-sized one I am doing for Rachel in the country, there is a very strong visual illustion that the coloured stripes are broader than the near-black background ones. This time, it's the other way around: the background stripes seem broader.

Other bloggers have much more interesting lives. Maybe next week when Edinburgh is being torn apart by anarchists I will have something of more general interest to write about.






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