Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Safely Back

...and I'm glad I won't be doing that again until I have at least one new eye, but all in fact went well on the driving front.

I got the body of Rachel's striuped Koigu finished, the second shoulder joined, the sleeve increases calculated, and a good start made on the first sleeve. Pic soon.

The news from the garden is less cheerful. In fact I have never been so disappointed, this time of year. This time last year, I was nibbling the firstsalad leaves. This year, no lettuce, no rocket, no carrots, no French beans, and a very poor showing from a number of other things. Saddest, perhaps, the courgettes, boring to eat but such fun to grow. There were two or three seeds under each of the eight plastic bottles you can see in the picture. I have exactly two seedlings. The runner beans, which are meant to climb the tepee behind, aren't all that much better. Three of the eight canes are empty.

I suspect a multiplicity of causes (pace my friend William of Occam). Slugs for the lettuce, cold for the courgettes, maybe even pheasants for the French beans. I planted a whole lot more seeds -- for many things, it's still not too late -- and sprinkled slug pellets with a liberal hand. My sister-in-law and the Prince of Wales would be distressed to hear it, so we won't tell them.

The tatties are looking good. I earthed them up to their green eyebrows, as I won't be seeing them again for a while.

And I cut a lot of grass.


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