Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Day Three of Games Week

No new picture, and not much knitting yesterday. A few more rows of Princess edging, but I'm still not finished with repeat #63. A few more rows of Wallaby pouch. So today's illustration is an old one, taken on Games Day last year, with me in my Kerry tee-shirt and grandson James wearing his striped Koigu, in the dining room at Burnside.

I think the thing to do today is to make LISTS of things to do.

My sister and brother-in-law are safely here. I didn't even get any sock-knitting done at the airport. The plane was absolutely on time, and the anxiety about whether I was waiting for them in the right place, too acute. One of the little-mentioned rewards of old age is not having to go anywhere and so not having to spend much time in airports. It was good to be reminded of how horrible they are.

Alexander is not happy with the current plan for accomodating him and his family over the weekend. My own plan for them has been overridden, and he rang up yesterday to complain. One of the first things to do today, therefore, is to see if I can improve that situation. Alexander's reaction to unsuitable plans will be quiet withdrawal from the scene.

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