Monday, August 01, 2005

Mrs Carson, Again

Water is dripping down through our kitchen ceiling this morning, from Mrs Carson's flat above, presumably. I could wish for better eyes, just for a moment, to see exactly what is happening above. Ceilings here are very high. I hesitated at first to phone anyone so early, then thought, bugger this, and did. She's home, thank goodness -- this is a time of year when lots of people aren't. She'll get a plumber. She had thought her new tenants weren't there yet.

Princess Shawl

I finished repeat # 50! There was some confusion on the count yesterday, because I had inadvertantly -- and it's the second time this has happened -- removed the peg on the Peg-It board which was there to count the units of the repeats (so that I knew I was somewhere in the 40's, from the position of one peg, but not where, because the other one was gone). There are no children in the house; it must be my fault -- or a poltergeist. I spread it all out and counted -- not entirely easy, but after several attempts I was satisfied with the result. I have put in a life-line, not for clutching, this time, but to assist with future counts.


The Wallaby continues well; lovely yarn (Rowan 4-ply soft). I am contemplating ordering from Meg one ball of a couple of the yarns she recommends for Barvarian Twisted Stitch, to force myself to try swatching. Depends how big the individual balls or skeins are, and how much time I have today amidst the inevitable tension of getting ready to go to London tomorrow. I have been having trouble with my left heel -- not a blister or a too-tight shoe, nothing to see or feel by prodding, just discomfort on walking. On the theory that it might be muscular, I have started smearing it with some "Algipan", left over in our medicine cupboard, I suspect, since Alexander's rugby-playing days. I'm not sure it's not helping. London involves a lot of walking, if one doesn't get blown up. And I suspect one won't be.



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