Saturday, August 20, 2005


That's a breakfast table scene from Burnside earlier this week, with James. The two families of children meshed beautifully. I don't remember what everyone is looking at.

I forgot the big news yesterday: Granddaughter Helen Ogden got the A-Level grades she needed to go to Newcastle University. There was a cartoon in the New Yorker recently, college advisor and high-school student, the latter saying, "What college has the most closet space?" Hellie chose Newcastle for the club scene, which I gather is strong there. It's also a good university and a good city and everybody's very happy.


Haliban: it's worth following the link in Helen's comment to my post for Thursday. I had seen the story in the Scotsman earlier in the week. Unbelievable, unless you are unfortunate enough to bank with these idiots.

Thank you for the children's knitting book suggestions yesterday. I know of Melanie Falick's book. "Klutz" is news to me, but hey! we've got Google. I will explore both avenues. There was a review of something new in one of the magazines recently, the conclusion being, I think, that the new book isn't as good as Falick.


I finished repeat #60 of the Princess Shawl edging yesterday, and am indeed half-way through #61. It's much easier now; I can even do it through the early evening news. The Wallaby is correspondingly neglected. However, today the intended recipient will turn up here, with his brothers and his parents. His father, alas, must fly back to Thessaloniki tomorrow. I think he will be the only family member missing at the Games a week today. Counting from my husband down to Thomas-the-Younger, we will be a party of 27. That includes some girlfriends who are not (yet) formally attached. 

So I will try at least to finish attaching the pouch, so as to have something to shew Fergus.


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