Saturday, August 13, 2005

Much-needed rain is forecast for today. Helen says it is so dry in Kirkmichael that the potatoes can be lifted without spade or fork. Today I should be reunited with my dear vegetables, and see for myself.


My husband has half a grapefruit for breakfast. When our children were young he would sit the toddler-aged one on his lap and feed it spoonfuls of juice. The picture shows him making the same offering to our grandson James in London last week.


The dr thinks I have arthritis in my left foot, which coincides with my sister's email diagnosis. I suppose that means the pain/discomfort will never go away. I am to have an x-ray when we get back from Kirkmichael next week. Yesterday afternoon I DROVE to Sainsbury's and stocked up on cider, while my husband went and got me some insoles (in-heels, really) as the dr had recommended. There is no doubt that driving is more fun when you can see where you're going.


Janis, I can't find an "email me" button on your website (any more than there is one on mine: is the answer). Sharon specified 13 20gr balls of DMC crochet cotton for the Princess Shawl. Each ball is 330 metres, she says, so that's 4290 metres in all. Her own Gossamer Merino, which I am using, is 480 metres to 20 grams, so I ordered ten balls of that, 4800 metres, which I thought ought to be plenty.

It came yesterday, although alas the Wedding Ring pattern did not. Maybe today, although there won't be time to contemplate it as we scramble around getting ready to leave.

I notice that Sharon has a shawl pattern called "Lavender Garden" on the Heirloom Knitting website. Would Ketki wear such a shawl? I'm dubious. But she and Alexander live on a street called Lavender Gardens in London, so I'm also tempted.


There is a most interesting anonymous comment to my post for Thursday (I think) saying that the Knitlist is now heavily moderated, and that's why the number of messages dropped so dramatically in July. This was essentially the issue on which the Knitlist and I parted company. With the membership growing and growing, I thought moderation was the only way to make the job do-able for the Listmoms -- either that or just let-'er-rip. The others, and especially the head Listmom, were dead against it. So what I wonder now is, did they have a Road-to-Damascus, Jean-Was-Right-All-Along moment? Or has the cast changed? I am making enquiries, so far without success.

I had expected to linger on as an honorary Listmom, giving sage advice from time to time and helping in emergencies, but they threw me out.


We are going to Kirkmichael today, and should be back on Wednesday, insh'Allah. So no blog for a bit.

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