Thursday, August 11, 2005

Those are the socks I was working on in London. I'm pleased. It's a Regia yarn. Destined for Rachel, who seems to be getting everything these days.

The very sharp-eyed will remember that these are not the travel socks I last displayed. That is because one day when we were going somewhere -- to Pitlochry by train, I think it was -- I could find the newly-started sock all right, just where it should be, but couldn't find the second ball of yarn which would eventually be needed. I know myself and my many faults well enough to know that that's not one of them -- I wouldn't have cast on that sock if I didn't have two balls in front of me.

But I took something different (which you see above) for the train, just in case, and when we got back, tore the cupboard apart to find the missing ball. The Stash Store looks pretty chaotic, but I fact I know it well and usually have little difficulty finding a specific yarn. This time, I had actually given up and was starting to pile everything back in, when I found what I was looking for.

So eventually I'll knit those socks too.

All well else. Repeat #54 of the Princess Shawl edging is half-done. I'm having trouble with the ball of yarn, which has sort of imploded. This is probably because, when it arrived, I was in such a hurry to start that I didn't take long enough to find an end. I'm pulling from the centre. That  worked fine for a while but has ended up by eviscerating the ball. Maybe my Heirloom Knitting order will arrive today and I can start afresh.

The first episode of the American TV drama "Lost" was shewn here last night. Great Wallaby-knitting stuff it was, too.

I go on thinking about big cardigans. I like the "Bressay" in Jamieson 3, but the yarn is too heavy for my taste (and for comfort worn indoors). Perhaps I will look around for a nice DK or even 4-ply merino -- do Jaeger do one? -- and re-write the pattern.

Queer Joe is on holiday and has brought someone in to guest-Blog for him. There's glory for you.


I had a nice comment from Heidi yesterday, about my question about the Knitlist. She's right, of course, that the big lists are simply too big these days, and such pleasure as is still to be derived from list membership comes from the smaller, speciality ones. But why the sudden, big drop in Knitlist mail for July? It's early yet to say how August is shaping.


My foot still hurts. Ibuprofen helps a bit, but the loafers made no difference and have been discarded. Sainsbury's has discontinued deliveries in our part of town due to the bloody Festival. I have to do a lot of walking to get supplies, if I want to go on drinking cider. No news on the glasses, so the question of how and when we go to Strathardle to join James and his family (and my vegetables) remains unresolved.



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  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Glad to see you've discovered Lost, which is one of my absolute favorites. It is great great television.