Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day Four of Games Week

And today we go back to Strathardle -- so no more blog until sometime next week. By which time the countdown to my 2nd cataract operation, on September 3, will be well under way.

More was achieved yesterday than one would have thought possible. Nearly a whole repeat of the Princess Shawl edging -- I'm half-way through #64. Next week should, at the least, see me through #66 -- and at that point, the number remaining to be done will be numbered only in the 'teens.

And I finished the Wallaby pouch and resumed knitting the body. I haven't started scrabbling around yet, however, to work out exactly how many rows there are in the pouch and then to start counting body rows.

I got a surprising bit of income tax done yesterday, too (due end September), which should help a bit on the anxiety front.



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