Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Off to London

No, Algipan doesn't have any effect. I shall have to walk around London in (and through) considerable discomfort.

On the other hand, the kitchen ceiling isn't dripping this morning (yet). We heard a plumber crashing around up there yesterday, but no one spoke to us. I think on reflection I had heard the same drip at the same time on Sunday morning, and perhaps before that. It doesn't happen through the day, when I spend a good deal of time in the kitchen. Perhaps connected with the timed starting-up of a boiler? Helen and her family -- currently in Strathardle -- will be here tonight, in our absence, and are fully au courant with events.

The Beijing Mileses should be in London when we get there -- James and Cathy and their three children. They will be staying at Rachel's house, Rachel herself and her family being in Ravello or some such place. We will be staying with the Lavender Hill Mileses -- Alexander and Ketki and their two sons -- but these venues aren't all that far apart, as London distances go.

I will log-on for an unillustrated Blog entry from London if I can; otherwise silence until Tuesday the 9th.


Sharon Miller has a new wedding-ring shawl on her website. I must have the pattern. She also now now lists a Gossamer Merino, but she says it is 400 metres in 20 grams. The sample she sent me, with which 50 1/2 repeats of the Princess Shawl edging have now been knit, claims 480 metres for 20 grams. I must get that straightened out. Even if it isn't quite the same, it may do. I think the ball I have will probably finish the edging.

The skeins of Meg's fancy yarns are too big to order broadside for swatching, as I suggested to myself yesterday. I've picked out a nice rich dark green from the Finnish yarn. I'll wait until the Bavarian Travelling Stitch books come, and maybe tentatively design a sweater, and then decide whether to take the plunge.

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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I ordered that pattern the moment I saw it yesterday morning. and now it seems to be a favourite topic on every lace list that I'm on, so I suspect it will be gone rathter quick.

    sorry to hear about your sore foot:-( I hope it won't prevent you from having a good time in London.