Monday, August 22, 2005

Day Two of This Week, and the beautiful weather is deteriorating fast. The forecast is bad, but there's still time for recovery before the weekend. We've had rain on Games Day often enough in the past, but never, that I can remember, an actual storm.

While David was loading the car yesterday morning, a literary Walking Tour was standing in front of our house hearing a lecture about Whiskey Galore (a.k.a. Tight Little Island), as its author, and the author of much else, Compton Mackenzie, used to live here. It made him -- David -- feel rather important.

Later Helen drove him to the airport for the plane to Thessaloniki via Prague, while we took the three little boys to Mass. They have gone back to Kirkmichael now. We will join them on Wednesday. I told her as she was leaving that we may be as many as ten at supper on Wednesday evening, but she was adamant that I needn't do or bring anything. A pretty ordinary refrigerator fills up fast when everybody is shopping for twelve and stuffing things in, so the idea is to demarcate responsibilities, as mentioned yesterday. I am accumulating recipes and ideas, but not food, for Saturday's Games Day picnic.

And today I will drive out to the airport with my One Bright Eye, to meet my sister and her husband, arriving from CT via, I think, London.  


I think perhaps my left foot is getting better of its own accord. It was x-rayed last Thursday, and our GP should have the results soon.


It's time we got back to the point. Above is a picture of the present state of the Wallaby. It looks rather small, but gauge calculations suggest otherwise. I think it is just being bunched in by a smallish circular needle. And I'm well into repeat no #63 of the Princess Shawl Edging. I would like to look out some yarn and a small circular needle and knit a couple of inches of K2P2 rib, so that I could hand it over to Granddaughter Rachel when we get back to Kirkmichael, to make a hat. I think she said her Chinese ayi had got her on to circular knitting -- she could certainly help finish. I may not, however, get that done.



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