Monday, February 18, 2013

A bad night for spam – but this time Blogger caught ‘em.

Yesterday was another one of slight advance, and this morning I have begun by downloading and beginning to print the application for a Disabled Parking Badge. We applied and were refused last year. It would make life easier in a considerable number of respects and I feel sure my husband qualifies if we can make the case properly.

We enjoyed the first half of a thriller called “Complicit” last night. Don’t tell me what happens – we’ll watch the rest this evening. So often these days we can’t hack it with modern thrillers – people rush about in the dark mumbling their lines. This one is clear, splendidly acted. It moves fast, providing enough information but not too much, trusting the audience to understand what isn’t being said. A difficult feat for writers and directors. Usually we can’t do much better than managing to grasp the drift of “Midsummer Murders”.

Thank you for the help with routers. I have established that BT now offers a superior one, all mine for £50. Seems a lot. Yesterday I tried sitting in my husband’s armchair and firing up the Surface. It worked fine. I’ll try that again this morning. Maybe I don’t need to do anything. It is interesting to learn how many people share this problem. In Alexander’s house on Loch Fyne, wi-fi seems to permeate throughout.

I have begun to wonder how I would proceed if I wanted to create a new document on the Surface, and drop it into Dropbox. I tried and failed, while sitting in the armchair. That isn’t our problem – my husband will be perfectly happy working on documents previously created. But there must be a way to do it, and I won’t feel I have mastered the Surface until I figure it out.

The weather has turned to glorious spring. I wish we could attempt Strathardle, but my husband’s new editor is coming all the way from London to see him next Tuesday. We had better stay here dusting (the Polish cleaning woman has gone home to Poland on holiday) and conserving our dwindling strength.


I have gone ahead with the plan mentioned yesterday of knitting the Relax in one colour only. That dark madelinetosh, called “Cosmos”, is so beautiful that it seems a pity to dilute it.

I’m getting on nicely. The designer says to put in eyelets every 10 rows – but she is using a heavier yarn. I compared gauges and decided that every 12 rows would be about right for me. The first eyelets should be inserted this evening.

The edge is now showing a slight tendency to flare – if it’s not one thing it’s another. But the needle, although long, is a good deal shorter than the 44” circumference I am aiming at, so the knitting has got to flare somewhat at the beginning. And blocking will help. And it will be a good deal easier to see what’s going on when I’ve done six inches or so.

Don’t miss meezermeowmy’s comment yesterday – what a lovely story! Meezermeowmy, please let us know what you decide to do with the qiviut. I knit a scarf for my mother with it once – it’s a heavenly experience. Don't worry about Lent!


  1. Best wishes for a successful parking permit application. Our GP actually suggested we get one and backed the application as we both have mobility issues.
    I don't know how yours work but we can hang it in anyone's car if they are transporting us and my father is much more relaxed about car travel as a result. The trick is to find a parking space close to where we need to be!

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    The qiviut will be a scarf, as the gifter provided a pattern (from the yarn company) that can be completed with the one ball. The yarn is a lovely aubergine, so appropriate for Lent. :-)

  3. Anonymous8:38 PM

    You've got one more spam, Jean. (The message above this one.)

    Mary G. in Texas

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  5. After 20+ years of being a church organist, I haven't played for services in the last couple of years. However, payment/bonuses in the form of qiviut would get me back on the bench faster than you can blink! :-)