Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is the day when we were thinking of going to Strathardle to examine Helen’s potential house, but we’re not going. I was anxious about the weather – it has reverted to winter, albeit bright and cheerful winter. And about my husband’s frailty, as always, and indeed about my own. We were both exhausted yesterday, presumably from the nervous anticipation of the editor’s visit rather than the actual event which was easy and pleasant.

And next week promises to be, by our elderly standards, another tiring one. And we could only have stayed two nights. Whereas week-after-next is clear and we can stay longer, and the weather should have advanced a bit. So that is now the plan.

Just as well, perhaps, as a local auction house is going to bring round a picture by my husband’s artist for him to look at today – an oil sketch for a known picture. If we’d gone away, that would have had to be postponed.

Life's on-going problems

I’ve got the new BT router. If you never hear from me again, that means I tried to install it and failed. I spent half-an-hour on the telephone to them on Monday. I have been assured that I’ve still got call diversion, and the router cost only half of what it was advertised for on the website. All very mysterious.

I have yet to address the Dropbox problem. The editor had the neatest little tablet you ever saw, with a detachable keyboard. I have forgotten its name. I think our solution, however, is going to be to move to the Microsoft cloud. If the files can be sorted by date, I will be able to keep an eye on things and move anything recently altered to Dropbox by hand.


Zite found this from Woolly Wormhead. I’m not the only knitter fueled by Weston’s Vintage Cider! Having got that far, I wandered around her blog for a while. She lives in a double decker bus in northern Italy with husband (or partner) and small son? I long to know more. Facebook?

I could of course re-create that Purl Bee seed stitch stole from stash. But the point, as far as I was concerned, was the succession of unknown luxurious yarns. The price is simply absurd. And they’ve sold out!

The Relax continues well. Only 6.5 cm to go before the underarm increases for the dolman shaping. At that point, mindless knitting will have to be supplemented with thought. There are another 8 cm between that point and the actual underarm, but since the designer is using a heavier yarn, her row gauge will be different. I mention this in the hopes that I will remember and be careful. 


  1. No sense in pushing yourselves because you will end up being able to do nothing much at all. I say this after visiting friends today!

  2. Woolly Wormhead group on Ravelry? I'm a big fan of her hats and hat knitting in general. I now have far too many unworn handknitted socks in my drawer but can one have too many hats?

    Isn't living life at your own pace one of the perks of older age?

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Love your comment
    "At that point, mindless knitting will have to be supplemented with thought"


  4. I agree about the cost of that wrap, Jean. I only looked at it while catching up on your blog. I didn't follow the links for the yarns they used. I'm wondering whether getting the yarns from a different source(s) would substantially lower the price.

    For myself, I'm mentally going over what's in my stash - one of the previous comments mentioned it would be a stashbuster project. What I don't understand it how they can use different yarns from different companies and come up with the same gauge. I think one would need to use the same yarn, but different colors/shades. (Unless one doesn't mind having to do gauge swatches for each of the yarns used in the project.) This could be a good use of those various single skeins of Koigo I have in stash.