Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Early hair appt today...

"Relax" progresses. The first eyelets have been inserted. There are four columns of them, about three inches on each side of the side seams, 12 rounds apart. Very understated, very Japanese. The first ones show up better than I expected. Looking forward to the insertion of the next eyelets helps one through the ocean of plain knitting.

The bottom edge doesn't flair -- it flips up, very neatly. A purl round might have prevented that, if I had thought of it. If blocking doesn't cure the problem, it'll just have to be a feature. I could even hem it in place. The designer says to begin with a k1,p1 row, after the long-tail cast-on, and to count that row as wrong-side. The alternate rows are knit. There are four k1, p1 rows in all.

I didn't pay any attention, because every row for me was a right side. But now I pause to reflect, too late as always. I knit two or three rows back and forth, as I always do in that situation, to minimise the danger of a moebius twist. If I had taken care that the first circular round was a knit round, I would have achieved what the designer is asking for. Did I? Who knows. And would it have made any difference? Maybe.


We're planning a quickie in Strathardle next week, if no more snow falls. Helen and her family in Athens want a house there, for the rapidly-approaching time when all three of their boys are at school in Edinburgh; and also for the parents' old age. There aren't many houses about. A possible has turned up and my husband and I hope to make a preliminary inspection of it.

Even a quick visit would let me pop the forcing pot over some rhubarb and cut down the summer-fruiting raspberries and look around to see what's happening. Any wild garlic yet? Any tame garlic, come to that? Did the bunching onions recover from being eaten by deer? I need to start thinking garden.

I didn't do anything about wi-fi yesterday -- it was one of those mornings where things kept happening and I found myself washing up the breakfast dishes at lunch-time. My inclination at the moment is to upgrade to the new, superior BT hub. Lynne, that is a very interesting idea about an Ethernet Over Powerline -- a new one to me. But it sounds as if it has to be physically plugged in at both ends. Is that right? That would sort of defeat the purpose of letting my husband sit quietly in his armchair with his tablet.

Now I'd better go off and allow myself to be beautified.


  1. I don't think you are going that direction but Surface doesn't support ethernet-only wireless so the ethernet over power line wouldn't work. I was a little disappointed that Surface doesn't support ethernet as our house has too much metal plaster lath for wireless to work well. In an older dwelling some of the new routers and should work fine.

  2. LynneinMD4:18 PM

    Our ethernet over power line adapter plugs into the wall in both rooms, with a cable from the internet router plugged into it at the near end, and at the distant end, a small wireless router is attached via another cable. I thought the plugs and router all came as a kit but now can't find them on amazon... Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the Surface, so no help there...

  3. I had the ethernet powerline set up at one point. The new router worked much better. Also, I believe you would have to connect the Surface, which defeats the purpose and probably requires another gadget.

    1. There are wireless options as well. I mentioned the devolo devices the other day. They have starter packs with 2 units that optionally have 'piggy back sockets' so you don't lose any outlets. You plug in the base station near the modem, plug the modem power cord into the device, then an ethernet cable from BTHub into the base station as well. Then you plug the second device into a power socket in the room you want to use wireless in. You have the option of hard wiring (using an ethernet cable) from here or sign in to the wireless network the devolo device broadcasts - that way you don't need any cables. Before you're set, there is minimal setting up to do on your computer.

      I'm sure there are other makes as well, but devolo was highly recomended to me from two independent sources and it works well for us (we us a BTHub as well and BT officially support these devices). When you buy, be careful to opt for a wireless option - they have lots of different types of devices and different speeds: You are looking for Wlan (which offers Wifi) not Dlan (they are wired only). I would choose a speed that matches that of your modem or the actual performance of your service (you can check that on speed test websites from the computer that is wired into the modem).

      Good luck, Imke