Saturday, February 16, 2013

I got up a bit late and spent what time I had drifting around the knitting blogs – I’ll have to be brisk.


I didn’t get much done yesterday, but something. At least we moved in the right direction. I had a big breakthrough with my husband’s Surface. I have been entirely neglecting that machine lately, having begun to despair. But yesterday I fired it up and lo! I have installed Dropbox. That’s the program up in the Cloud where all my husband’s work now resides. His new editor is coming to see us soon – he has been able to have a serious advance look by being invited to join us on the Cloud.

My sister told me about Dropbox. It’s terrific for long-distance cooperation, and for back-ups. But the Surface refused to install it last month.

It’s not that I got cleverer. I did the same thing yesterday as I had previously attempted – go to the store, find Dropbox, click “install”. Last month, I got a silly error message. Yesterday, it installed.

I think the answer is that we have a very early British Surface. It’s still inventing itself. “Surface for Dummies” arrived yesterday. It has instructions for updating the “preview” edition of Microsoft Office, supplied with the machine, to the real thing. I tried this morning, and couldn’t. But then I clicked on something and got through to Microsoft who explained that it isn’t ready yet, the 2013 edition, and when it is, I’ll get it automatically.

I then had a Windows-Eight struggle in which I loaded Word (in the wretched preview edition) and tried to find Dropbox to edit one of the files. It doesn’t work that way these days. You load Dropbox and click on the file you want to edit. And it’s easy – I think my husband can actually do it.

Knitting my tee-shirt

Barbara, that is a simply brilliant idea of Meg’s, about putting in a purl row as a “speed bump” when you’re using a st st curl as an edge, as I am, and want to put an end to the curl. I had already gone beyond the point where such a device would be really appropriate. I didn’t want to rip. But I had also thought, the evening before, that the purl side looked rather nice and wondered if I should put in some stripes of it.

So last night I did a whole eight rows in reverse st st. Maybe I’ll do it again higher up, or maybe that would be too Michelin-man.

SarahSeattle has formally studied Japanese knitting with Jean Wong. She took considerable time and trouble to write to me about how to adjust the size of the sleeves, since I am knitting the smallest size for the body to avoid having too much fabric. She is designing a drapy overshirt herself – we are promised pictures soon. Maybe I’ll be tempted to start again. [My tee-shirt is called “Relax” and is a Japanese pattern.]

Meezermeowmy, that’s a lovely story about the wedding and the shawl. The church – not to mention the bride and groom – were lucky to have you. I had a look at the shawl, and agree in liking it. Wear it in health!

Now I'll have to start running fast to catch Saturday.

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  1. Do not rip the tee-shirt. I am sure it wil be what you want, especially when you toss in a few lime stripes for kickers.

    The curl can be dealt with in several ways after the garment is done. The easiest and most obvious is that when you block and/or steam it the problem goes away. In addition, when you seam the sweater, it is unlikely that the curl will be as extreme at the seam. It may limit the curl overall.

    Beyond that, you could:
    -pick up from your cast-on, and immediately bind off in purl
    - pick up from the cast-on, cast on three more, and work an I-cord around the bottom
    - Pick up as before, and work reverse stockinette for several rows, bind off and send the curl in the other direction.

    Use your swatch, or make another one and see what possibilities there are.