Friday, February 15, 2013

Very little to report. Spam continues, a distinct nuisance but not quite an overwhelming one. I think I had to delete four from yesterday’s comments, and Blogger caught some others. They all arrive with my email, along with genuine comments. There is no hint as to whether Blogger has blocked the rogues or not, so I have to go through as much clicking and scrolling for one that turns out not to be there, as for the ones that need to be deleted. But I haven't turned moderation on yet.

The new IK turned up yesterday. Nothing for me, I’m afraid, nor does it generate the frisson of excitement I feel looking through VK even knowing I’ll never knit any of it.

I started the tee-shirt off with some solid dark yarn, for the st st roll. Now I have embarked on the one-row stripes which seem to be going pretty well except that, so far, the whole thing is determined to go on rolling.

I remembered after I stopped work yesterday that there are supposed to be discreet columns of YO holes every ten rows up the sides. It’s not too late to start putting them in, but I am inclined to think the holes would disappear into the stripes anyway so I think I will omit that feature.

The darker yarn continues to look beautiful when striped – you can almost discern it, even in my inadequate photograph. But the lighter one, “Calligraphy”, so far seems rather wasted. My job today is to order something from Loop for the occasional bright stripe. I still haven’t done that.

That’s about it, for today. I have given up as well as cider for Lent, leaving more time for getting things done which in turn simply leaves me feeling overwhelmed with the realisation of how much remains undone. 


  1. I just keep comment moderation on - I was getting bizarre spam comments that always redirected to a blog with no content. The spam dried up within weeks. If I want to say something sensible I'm happy to prove I'm a human :)

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Jean, I just looked up my notes from Meg's Knitting Camp re:rolling edges in stockinette. She uses what she call a "speed bump" to contain the rolling. Knit several rounds of stockinette, then purl a round. The purl round stops the roll from going up.

    I haven't tried it myself, but coming from Meg, I'm sure it will work as promised. Everything else I learned that week has been so useful!

    Barbara M. in NH

    1. rosesmama1:25 PM

      I've had luck adding one row of "ribbing" (don't know if you can call it that if it is only one row). It tends to disappear more than a full row of purl.

  3. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Both DH and I fell in love with the shawl on the back cover of IK. That same evening, I got a call at 6:03 pm to play for a 6:00 pm wedding! Seems the church organist was a no-show. I hustled over there, and earned enough to order the yarn and the pattern. Webs has shipped it, now that the blizzard mess is being cleaned up. Huzzah!

  4. Jean, another hint from Meg and Knitting Camp - you often don't need a whole row of purl to stop rolling. While on a row of stockinette, insert a purl stitch every 5-8 stitches. In the dark color, it should hide pretty well. On projects I've done, the roll of the stockinette hides the row I've inserted purl stitches into.