Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comments &  Miscellany

I’ve done 19 of the 50 straight rows up the front of Relax2 – so I might reach the half-way point today. Grannypurple’s comment yesterday was enormously encouraging. She was wearing her Relax the happy day we met, so she knows what she’s talking about.

Lou, my sister wrote yesterday and made the same suggestion, that I take my iPad to an Apple store to get the OS upgraded. Guess what? There is no Apple store in Edinburgh. I learn that we are about to have a super duper one on Princes Street (which will be good news for Princes Street). There’s a lot of Apple stuff in John Lewis. Maybe they’d do it? But they’d have to do it on the spot, without taking my iPad away from me.

Ruth in Ontario (comment Monday), I don’t really like the idea of ebooks for knitting, and only get them where there is no real-world edition. It’s the same with cookery books (another category which overflows around here). I’ve ordered Anna Dalvi’s “Ancient Egypt in Lace and Colour” from, since doesn’t seem to have it. I’ve also pre-ordered Liz Lovick’s lace book. The inundation is getting worse.

(On the other hand, the iPad is absolutely brilliant at preventing further increase in the piles of paperback novels. I’ve just finished re-reading John LeCarre’s “Little Drummer Girl” and am now half-way through the new Ruth Rendell, “No Man’s Nightingale”. It’s far from her best, but Ruth Rendell in mediocre form still beats most of the rest.)

“Knit Your Own Britain” turned up yesterday. I’ve already got “…Royal Wedding” and “…Scotland”. I ordered this one for the sake of an item I actually mean to knit as a Christmas present. It sounds fiercely fiddly. It involves both embroidery and stiffening with acetate. Where do you go to get that? I’ll have to knit it off-radar, but if I actually do it I’ll tell you all about it in the end. It's mercifully small.

Fancy Tiger (scroll down industriously) has been touring Scotland, in a party which includes Stephen West (a personal friend, I feel, since I did his Craftsy class). Kristie and I have been mining the Shetland sections for suggestions. The latest entry finds them on Skye, visiting the Shilasdair shop. I had some of their yarn once. Mail order? Or a desperate purchase at a craft show where there was nothing else?

In any event, I didn’t like it, and eventually gave it away. The naturally-dyed colour was dull, and the yarn was scratchy. It is obvious that things have improved out of all recognition. Luxury yarns, in rich, wonderful colours.

And I love Fancy Tiger’s Meow Foundation yarns. I’d knit my husband a pair of tortoiseshell socks (= “calico cat”, I think) if there were any acrylic in the yarn. Price and ordering info are hard to determine – maybe the yarn isn’t in the shops yet.


  1. Hi Jean,

    you can buy the Meow Foundation Yarns from here:

    Keep smiling :-)


  2. I see that No Man's Nightingale is being published in the US in November 2013. Is it already published in the UK? Not Fair!

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I'm a couple of days late with this but want to comment on the "No Guns Here" signs. Thanks to the strong gun lobby in the US, many states have passed "concealed carry" laws. Previously, if you had a permit to carry a gun, the weapon had to be visible; now, you can carry a gun and it can be concealed - in your pocket, in your purse, etc. but people and institutions can regulate whether guns are permitted on their premises - hence the signs. I have no idea if the signs have any affect - I think its a feeble attempt to stem the tide. In my opinion, the states that decided there should be less government interference with the "right" to carry a gun are also the states who think its perfectly fine for the government to interfere with voters' rights and a woman's right to choose when to have a child.
    I'm posting this as anonymous, not because I want to hide my opinion but because I don't seem to fit any of the other categories. I'm Nancy from Wisconsin, nspwis on Ravelry.

  4. Gerri2:02 PM

    I hope you can get the iOS installed. It is baffling but I guess it's one of those computer things. I assume you've tried going through iTunes. The most recent is iOS6, for iPad2 and higher, so maybe I'm misunderstanding and you are trying to only go to 5? Of course, then maybe it's one of those differences affected by sides of The Pond.

    Good luck!

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Acetate as a stiffener? I assume this is a rigid plastic sheet cut to size to fit inside the knitted object? You could probably find something at a hardware store if a local crafts shop cannot help. You could also try buying a liquid fabric stiffener at a sewing shop, if you want to stiffen the fabric and not the interior of the object. Good luck!

  6. Ruth in Ontario, Canada8:26 PM

    Hi Jean -- I'm actually not crazy about ebooks either, because if I don't print them out myself they languish forgotten as a pdf in my computer, as has happened with Anna Dalvi's book. I don't have a tablet to download patterns into to make them knitting bag-friendly. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer "real" books printed on paper with a nice cover. Not sure why I fell for this one...

  7. KarenE9:32 AM

    Acetate - depends on how thick you need it. OHP sheets are acetate and available at stationers. B and Q or similar should have (much) thicker, stiff acetate.

  8. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Was lucky enough to meet Stephen at Shilasdair. What a nice guy. He even posed for a photo with me. Was a bit star struck. Never met a celebrity before and on Skye of all places !