Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I saw Madhur Jaffrey on one of those cookery programs the other day, while I was recording our evening’s viewing. She shares my birthday – not only the day, but the year. I am glad to report that she’s looking very spry. She’s much smaller than I expected.

Stephen West has posted Part Three of his summer travels – and he still hasn’t reached Scotland. A peripatetic young man. And always full of delight -- he's in Harrisville this time.

I’m nearly finished with the first sleeve on Relax2. I got Herzog’s book out yesterday, and was glad to see that it doesn’t violate all of her rules for flattering the bottom-heavy figure. Its main offence is length – it should be shorter, so as not to terminate at my widest point. But the wide neck and less-than-full-length sleeves are good. And it will always be worn over something with a collar.

I must get back to Craftsy. It’s this feeling that I have to do my homework first, that’s holding me back. With Herzog, I don’t think that applies. I did one important thing, early in the summer. I had Greek Helen photograph me in my petticoat, head-on and sideways. I printed the pictures out and drew lines on them as instructed by Herzog.

Horrible, but informative.

I don’t really need to go on to other measurements, perhaps, until I actually want to knit a Herzog-fit sweater. I can just watch.

With Franklin, I’ve got to practice mattress stitch before I can proceed. But I’m keen to learn mattress stitch and it won’t take more than 20 minutes, so why don’t I just do it?

Some pictures

Some more from the Big Party day.

We’ve had the Three Helens, Two Jameses, and Two Thomases. Here, to complete the set, are the Two Rachels:


Here is one of me, making my speech after lunch. I didn’t clutch myself like that the whole time – I remember some gestures. And I don't think I leaned against the wall the whole time, either. Maybe, here, I'm waiting for them to settle down. The speech was about grandchildren and grandparents.

And Lizzie wrote yesterday to say that they have had a poster sale in Kansas, so that people can brighten up their rooms. She was overjoyed to find this:

Not just a London bus, but a 109, on its way to Brixton and Streatham where she lives. We suspect the picture of being a composite – the bus seems to be going the wrong way around Parliament Square.


My husband took time off the Big Job again yesterday, to write a letter. Twice, while I was out of the room, the document simply vanished. It had never been saved, and couldn’t be retrieved. I need to figure out how that could have happened. We gave up, and he dictated it to me. The computer wouldn’t dare treat me like that, and it didn’t try to.


  1. I am really enjoying seeing the pictures from your birthday celebration. I would have loved to hear your speech about grandparents and grandchildren. Did you print out a copy to give to each of your grandkids? I'm sure it is something they would treasure.

  2. Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian cook book is almost the only cook book I use. I absolutely love it. A super nice variety of food and I can usually find most of the ingredients, unlike some veggie cookbooks.

    Do you have auto-save turned on for Word? It should at least recover something if you have that preference set. Although frequent saving is your friend, as I am sure you know.

  3. The letter issue makes me wonder if it is being saved to a different folder than expected. I expect you have Auto-Save turned on.

    I love the pictures of you and your family. What a delightful tribe you have! And hooray for Lizzie finding a London poster for her room!

  4. ctrl s is a lifesaving combo.

    i do it constantly when working on documents/spreadsheets - too many years of working with MS Office to trust TOTALLY the autosave feature.

    also if its a BIG IMPORTANT document - make another copy - FILE - SAVE AS and append a number or date or something you want to use as a kind of version tracker.

    i wonder also if your husband may be unknowingly hitting a combination of keys that is deleting the documents... it seems weird that these deletion issues are cropping up lately.

    also, is there the possibility of spyware ?

    how annoying for both of you to have to deal with these...

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I'm really enjoying the birthday photos also, Jean. I must say, though, that my favorite photo has been the one taken of you and Matt (he's a real keeper!) as you two are walking away. There is such a story in that picture--the older and wiser being carefully and lovingly shepherded by the younger and stronger. I have returned to look at that photo several times.

    Get on with the mattress stitch practice--you will love it, and it's very quick to learn.

    Mary G. in Texas