Thursday, August 15, 2013

It was wonderful. I have much to assimilate, much to tell you, much to thank you for.

But that must wait. For today, I will transcribe a “Found Poem” – that’s the technical term, I discover – which every guest found in a little package at their place, printed on a tea towel. A linen tea towel, at that. There’s no way I can think of to make a photocopy of a tea towel, so I’ll have to copy it out for you:

Edinburgh this morning looks much as Beijing did yesterday
a perfect early spring day, snowdrops, pregnant sheep, clumps of daffodils
pinus sylvestris aurea
Supermarkets are full of dried beans from all over the world.
On a brighter note, tea cosies suddenly seem to be everywhere
Maybe it won’t be as bad as I anticipate

             We had a grand time at Loch Fyne
            We had champagne to drink, which I always enjoy
            Lent or no Lent, cider or no cider
            All I can remember is the name “Joseph”
            My husband thinks that no one will notice, and he could be right

Singapore has fallen and the Japanese are rampaging around the Pacific unchecked
And events in Iceland, of all places, border on the bizarre
These are times such as none of us has ever experienced.
Will Meg’s false seams help?
I think it might be better to get plenty of ammo in, so that we can go to Strathardle and burn wood to keep warm and shoot sheep for food.
Elderly British gamblers will know what I mean.

            My father told me, remember this day, and I have done so.
            A little boy, wearing a kilt, who sang “Bonnie Dundee”
            One of those memories in which I can almost see the room and its furniture
            Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit
            Last night I looked it up and discovered after all these years, that I had it wrong

                        “Vampires of Venice” alas is gone
                        Alan Yentob killed it, and has never been forgiven
                        There is a scheme afoot – I won’t say more at this point
                        Meanwhile, the hat looks perfectly nice

the Troubles of Life
every year we pass through the day, unrecognised, which is to become the day of our death
another day more plus than minus, by a narrow margin
So does one insensibly decline, day by day, week by week
I’m not reeeely worried, but…
I’ve become rather worried about socks
green Zauberball socks
Oh, dear
old age is like that, like snow filling up the crevices, cutting off the options.
Timor Mortis Conturbat Me
Knitting went badly last night
The pattern was a Paton’s leaflet.
We’re off to Kirkmichael today

They’ll find it there when I’m dead


  1. JennyS10:30 AM

    People who truly love you compiled that - it made me laugh aloud with joy for you.


  2. Wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. You are reaping the rewards of all that you have given to your family!

  3. What a gift! Welcome back.

  4. I have been thinking about you every day, wondering how the big family gathering was going. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear more about it!

  5. Wish we all could have been there with you, laughing and celebrating.

  6. belated happy birthday! cant wait to read all about it!

  7. Anonymous11:53 PM

    So glad you had a lovely family get-together!

  8. So happy that it was a good day, Jean. I love the photographs you've posted. Love, Franklin