Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am thoroughly back in charge of Relax2, and back in love with madelinetosh. One of my ambitions for the relatively near future, when the current queue of must-knits is somewhat subdued, is to try Amy Herzog’s new website – not yet operational, I don’t think – where you can order a custom-fitted pattern. And execute it in madelinetosh DK.

Meanwhile, as you see, I’ve finished the back of Relax2 – and I may tell you, with pardonable pride, that I have the same number of stitches on each shoulder. Currently I am knitting a long arid patch up the front, 50 rows, and then it will be time to start shoulder-shaping again. The front neck is deeper than in back, therefore less knitting.

Maybe I’ll finish in time to wear it to Shetland, still more than a month away. If it fits. It looks huge, which is what is wanted for the Relax. The planning for Shetland is becoming more intense.


I didn’t mean to make it sound as if she is unhappy.She hasn't been there for a full week yet, but I think she is enjoying herself: “Everyone here wears clothes covered in pictures of the Jayhawk so today I bought my first university jumper which I will wear with pride!....All the Americans are so friendly and offer you lifts everywhere!”

She will go to my sister in CT for Thanksgiving, I think, and will surely visit Theo and Jenni in DC at some point, and I can’t believe NYC will get left out. I think Kansas was the perfect choice.


They are thirsty plants as well as heat-loving. I nearly lost the two apaches on the doorstep, so dry has this uncharacteristic summer been. They have been snatched from the edge of the grave and brought in to the kitchen, where they have warmth and water and misting in their north-facing window, but of course less light.

The big jalapeno and the Scotch bonnet are still in a south-facing window in an unheated room. They are standing in a roasting tin. I left it nearly full of water when we went to Strathardle, and various grandchildren who stayed here overnight during all the recent to-ing and fro-ing topped them up, so they are fine. The excitement is that I have a good crop of Scotch bonnets, although none of them are reddening yet.


I mentioned the new issue of Sockupied the other day (except that I wrongly referred to it as Socktopus). I was attracted by a Knitting Daily article on custom fitting. I’ve got several issues of Sockupied on my iPad, but for this one I need to download a new App, and for that I need OS 5 the installation of which has so far eluded both me and Archie. I should try again.


  1. skeindalous11:24 AM

    Lizzie will certainly give her American friends a smile when she refers to her new team mascot sweater as a jumper! The exciting days as an undergrad........

  2. I couldn't figure out ios5 either. I ended up taking my iPad to the Apple Store where a helpful young man did it for me. Now I have ios6.

  3. GrannyPurple9:47 PM

    You are soooo close with the Relax! And it will be so comfy. I'm a bit behind, as we have been travelling, and my Ipad doesn't like me to comment. Glad to see that the birthday was such a triumph, in spite of the elegaic feeling it engendered. The Poem is wonderful, congratulations on producing such a creative family.

  4. =Tamar9:22 PM

    I tend to forget how variable weather is. I was thinking that a recent cold snap temperature of 69-F was unprecedented for this area of Maryland, but a weather archive informed me that the record for today was set in 1957 when the high temperature was 53-F.