Thursday, August 22, 2013

One of those days when I fear there’s nothing to say.

I’ve done row 35 of the 50 needed for the straight part of the front of Relax2. If I can keep it up, I should be knitting a sleeve next week.

Stephen West, safely home in Amsterdam, has posted a long blog entry about his summer travels. Alas, I’ll have to wait for Part Two before he gets to Shetland.

I grumbled about AX’s photography the other day. Only fair, therefore, to mention some of the photographers of knitting I really like: Stephen W. just mentioned, the brilliant Jane Heller at the Twist Collective, and Jared of course


The plants seem to be taking on a new, autumnal lease of life. Maybe they’re glad to see me home. Botanically speaking, they are perennial sub-shrubs – usually grown as annuals because they grow so fast from seed, and need heat and coddling to keep them going through the winter. Heat we’ve got in the kitchen, even when there is virtually no light. We shall see. I am trimming off any branches with neither fruit nor buds, to rein them in a bit. There is a splendid crop of Scotch Bonnets, but still no reddening.

My iPad

The attempt to upgrade the operating system was made by plugging into iTunes. We (Archie and I) started off fine – iTunes recognised the problem without being prompted. After a while there was an error message which boiled down to, try-again-later. But later, it was the same.

Archie suggested googling the error message, and sure enough lots of people were getting it. Various fixes were suggested, none of which worked for me. But maybe the problem was Apple’s. It might be worth trying again. I asked at John Lewis yesterday, but the answer wasn’t very encouraging. “Try our technical department” – and when I got there, people were sitting about waiting like refugees.

I hope to be brighter tomorrow.


  1. We have several Apple stores here in the Twin Cities, MN and they are all crammed full of people, no matter when you go there. At least you can go online and make an appointment. Fortunately I haven't needed to do that. Computer problems can be maddening, though. At least with knitting you can rip it out and start over.

  2. for computers - the comparable to ripping knitting is "reformat and reinstall"