Sunday, August 25, 2013

It rained in London and in Lerwick yesterday, not in Edinburgh. We'll find out in due course how they got on at the Games.

No more gremlins – I’ve finished the front of Relax2, except for the three-needle-binding-off of the second shoulder. Even allowing for the usual Not Much Gets Done on Sunday, I should manage to pick up stitches for the first sleeve today. And, before that, try it on. It continues to look enormous. That’s good.

I started the first three-needle-bind-off with 72 stitches on each needle, and wound up with a two-stitch discrepancy that had to be fudged. It’s OK. It looks fine. But why do these things always happen? Kate Davies’ “Rames & Yowes” pattern has a bit at the end where you hem it by joining live stitches, one by one, to corresponding purl bumps. It should be easy, and  should come out perfectly straight. For me, it won’t.


I’m rather taken with Stephen West’s “Tripartite” pattern (Ravelry link) and with Mrs Lincoln’s Lace (scroll down to August 21), which looks perfect for it. It’ll never happen.

Icelandic Knitting

I recently bought Helene Magnusson’s “Icelandic Handknits”. I’ve never done any Icelandic lace, although I have owned “Prihyrnur og Langsjol” since before Louise Heite valiantly translated it.

The new book is strong on accessories, light on sweaters. The lace chapter has one triangular shawl and one long scarf (“langsjol”). The author says that the famous “lopapeysa” we all associate with Iceland, is a tradition dating from the 1960’s. There are several knitters still about who claim to have knitted the first one. The book includes an un-traditional-looking and rather striking example. Could it be knit with the Schoolhouse Press unspun Icelandic?

Stash Fine Yarns and Travelling Yarns (a new one for me) stock Icelandic yarn here in Britain, but not unspun.

Forward with Sunday!


  1. I am knitting an Icelandic sweater in lett-lopi which I purchased online from They also stock Plotulopi which I think is the unspun wool. The prices and service were good when I ordered.

  2. GrannyPurple11:59 AM

    Later (ahem) you may find the odd dropped stitch or two along the bind off seam of the is MUCH easier to anchor it than it is to redo the bind off.

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    That Tripartite looks nice enough but what horrible pictures. I so wish designers would give us one or two that are just the facts before they get so wrapped up in being artsy-fartsy.

    Beverly in NJ

  4. I love hems, and as Granny Purple says, the odd dropped stitch can be handled later. I made a coat for myself with the unspun Icelandic from Schoolhouse many many moons ago. I learned some lessons in design and structure, as it ended up sagging horribly and I had to throw it away after one season. I loved the yarn, and would like to knit with it again.

  5. Travelling yarns seem to stock the unspun Icelandic that Schoolhouse Press carry. Thank you for introducing me to Stash Fine Yarns - they have a 10% August Bank Holiday discount that I couldn't resist.