Friday, August 02, 2013

Off we go again.

We had a good breathing session at the Infirmary yesterday, but on the way, when I was waiting at a red light at the top of Leith Street, a bus in the other lane swiped our car while we were still stationary.  I suppose he must have moved left a bit in order to make his right turn into Princes Street, as one does. My husband, who would not spare me if he could find the slightest ground for blame, thought that I was properly positioned.

In the hospital car park, I thought we had got off scot-free, but when we got home and I looked more carefully, that proved not to be the case.

I got someone responsible-sounding at Lothian Busses on the phone very quickly, told the story, emailed him a photograph as requested. Nothing was promised, but I am hopeful. Then I spent much of the rest of the afternoon on the phone to our insurers, first a severe recorded message about the undesirability of insurance fraud, then the listen-carefully-and-choose-from-the-following-options bit, then a girl who took down the details.

Not an Edinburgh girl, however, so L-e-i-t-h and L-o-t-h-i-a-n took quite a while. (Whereas the man at Lothian Busses had understood at once, of course, the turn that a No. 11 to Hyvots Bank would make from the top of Leith Street.) Then she passed me on to someone else – long wait punctuated by assurances that my call was important and would be answered shortly – and finally a man who asked all the questions over again.

We shall see. Meanwhile, I think the car will get us back to Strathardle. That’s all that matters today. But, oh dear.


Not much was done at the hospital, but I had a good session in the evening when I was unfit for anything else. I’m within one more good session of the heel, and can finish this baby in time if I keep at it.

Mr Salmond and I appear on Zite this morning. Oh dear, again. Will they come and arrest me?

Sue mentioned in a comment yesterday that Prince Charles was recently presented with a Christening dress – the link is to Jamieson and Smith’s blog. I knit Amedro’s roughly similar Sheelagh Robe for Kirsty Miles of Beijing in 2000. I got the Indignant Gentlewomen on North Castle Street to make a petticoat for it. I don’t seem to have archived a picture, unfortunately. It was made to go with the Sheelagh Shawl – my first attempt at knitting the Calcutta Cup which Scotland won, most unexpectedly, that year.

Doorstep vegetables

Everything flourishes on the doorstep – there’s nothing to beat rain. There’s enough sorrel for another soup – I’ll harvest it and take it along today. Chillis are ripening steadily, both Apaches and jalapenos. The Scotch Bonnet has plenty of flowers, but no fruit yet. Lots of people will be here next Thursday (not us, however) – they can do some watering.

We’ll be back in the middle of August. Insh’Allah.


  1. Ouch! Much the same thing happened to my brother while legally parked in his narrow Sydney street. As the bus uses a particular shade of blue and some of it had come off on the car they were able to get the repair done without too much trouble. I hope the same happens for you!

  2. So sorry about the car diffculties. It always seems so unfair that the fact that it is none of your fault doesn't let you off any of the hassle of sorting it out.

  3. Gerri2:32 PM

    Too bad about the car! As jeanfromcornwall says, it doesn't seem right that even when you aren't to blame, you still have plenty of hassle with it.

    I hope the next weeks (wow-that should be fun-weeks!) in Strathardle are wonderful.