Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The final polls still put the No-vote four points ahead. My sister points out that the bookies are weighting things heavily in favour of No.

In the debates between Mr Salmond and Alastair Darling, the question of currency kept coming up. What would Salmond do if the rUK refused to sanction a currency union which would allow Scotland to go on using the pound? The Prime Minister and the Governor of the Bank of England have both said rather emphatically that there will be no currency union. We'll go on using the pound anyway, was Salmond's answer.

Mr Darling (once Chancellor of the Exchequer) said, in some exasperation, “You can use the pound, you can use the rouble...” Meaning, I think, that without a central bank to back it up, it didn't much matter what you printed on the paper you used as currency. Establishing a central bank will require substantial funds. Without one, or without a currency union with the Bank of England, Scotland won't be able to join the EU.

Last night, Mr Salmond appeared “live” on the television news. Jacquie Bird (good at her job,but not desperately bright) asked him about currency. He replied, “You heard Alastair Darling say that we can use the pound...”

He's not a fool. One is forced to conclude that he is a knave.


I should finish gaulmogot and reach the final – white – stripe of the border of Rams & Yowes today. Once tomorrow is finally over and the verdict in, I can begin to revel in thinking about what to knit next. I can alternate it, whatever it turns out to be, with the edging of the Unst Bridal Shawl.


The persecution from PUP-FNK is as bad as ever this morning, and the pop-up ads are worse.

Beth, thank you for the reading list! I don't know David Mitchell and will investigate. I think the new Margaret Atwood is just what I need.

I've got a new cleaning woman here this morning, a strong, middle-aged Scotswoman. (She's going to vote No, rather regretfully.) I think she will be the salvation of us, after a series of youthful eastern Europeans who have melted one by one into the Scotch mist.  


  1. Have you done a Hitofude yet? I saw one at our "Show" - we gave it a first in its class actually. When the girl came to pick it up yesterday she enthused about how comfortable it was.

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I rather think the knaves are the Westminster establishment. Here's to a yes vote, a vote for the future tomorrow.
    By the way, I enjoy the knitting information......

  3. I dont think this man is a knave, Jean. I find him a more fitting leader for my country than the ones speaking for the No campaign, with their repeated lies and scaremongering.

  4. To lighten the mood I thought this might help. I have stumbled across this blog which goes a fair way, on Thursdays, to replicate the sadly missed and immensely amusing "You Knit What?"