Thursday, September 17, 2015


We continue to be set fair. My husband approved of the idea of my going to the wedding as long as it didn't interfere with his release from hospital. And he liked the look of the Old Fogey underwear – patients don't have wi-fi in the Western General, but if I get an image on my iPad before I leave home, and don't let my husband poke at it, he can view a website.

I've tried on clothes, and have decided to wear the same thing I wore to last year's wedding. It would look better with fancy-schmancy shoes but I am not going to take those. They're uncomfortable, and if the weather is good – and the forecasts continue to be promising – we'll want to walk the half-mile from the pretty little church to the party in Alexander and Ketki's garden. I'll just have to contrive that none of the photographs include my feet.

I have a striped slub silk dress. I fell for the fabric in Liberty's long ago. I had it made for me by an actual dressmaker, a shirt-waister style. The stripes run vertically. It should be wonderful. It isn't, and never has been. It makes me look fat and matronly (even more than I am). It would be ridiculous to put it back in the wardrobe after this morning's try-on. What to do with it?


I'll take my husband's sleeveless vest along to the wedding. I'm already worrying about whether I'll need to take an extra skein. And what if I reach the armholes? Should I also take such pattern notes as exist? In fact, I'll do very little knitting, I suspect, but it's really scary to think of running out.

I've heard from Loop, just as you predicted, Imke. My package was about to be dispatched late yesterday. It will require a signature. Our normal postie can recognise a package of yarn and knows to sign for me – but will she be on duty today? Will the package go through the letter box? I'll leave a note on the door and risk bad men. And the special-delivery package of old-fashioned underwear will also need a signature, and is also likely to arrive while I am at the hospital. Plenty to worry about.

I had seen that note about delay on the Loop website. I took it to mean that they were terribly busy dispatching the book. I'm afraid I assumed (wrongly) that yarn was in a separate, special category and would be dispatched swiftly as usual.


Perdita behaved well at the vet's. Her name is spelled “Purrdator” on her medical records, which seems rather appropriate for so fierce an animal. Her carer came round yesterday evening and took some pictures. Here she is with her scratching board, a present from the carer:


  1. Regarding the dress- Perhaps it could be shortened into a blouse? There are obviously many options for the length, anywhere from hip bone to tunic.
    Just a thought, lovely fabric should be enjoyed.

  2. We have the same scratching thingy for our cats and they love it. Trouble is, it shreds and there's little pieces of cardboard all over the house!

  3. Perhaps you would be able to actually speak to your mail carrier and let her know what's arriving from which vendor so she might sign as you for both (since she sounds like a wonderful person). Are you able to have a signature card on file so items can automatically be left?

  4. If the Liberty still makes you happy when you look at it, you could turn it into something else that you could use. Would it work as a skirt? Dressing gown? Pillow covers? Table runner? Dresser scarf? Pot holders, even?

  5. Or have it tailored to look less matronly? I always like to have that safety skein along. What if there is traffic? Or a non-dangerous act of nature that causes you to remain an extra day or two? I generally never get to the safety skein, but it makes me feel better, knowing it is in my bag.

  6. In that photo, Perdita looks like the embodiment of mischief!!
    Have fun at the wedding!

  7. A silk cushion (or two) for the Purrdator, perhaps?

  8. Re: Purrdator, a pity that anyone working in a vet's office has not read Dodie Smith's 101 Dalmations. Lovely picture of her--she seems to have a similar outlook on housekeeping as on blogging. (Hi Perdita! fdiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiojjjjjjjjjjjjj9i3e4)
    I would recommend the extra skein. I hate being stuck on a trip with the wrong book or the wrong project.

  9. Perdita (Purrdator) is getting so big and beautiful! I hate that they grow up so fast!

    Yes bring the extra skein, nice to have one less thing to worry about.

    As for the dress, would make some lovely knitting bags!

  10. Precious Perdita! How does she manage to keep getting cuter and cuter? I love the pics you've posted of her the last couple of days - especially the one of tiny little her sitting in the very big window.

    Wonderful news about your getting to go to the wedding! I hope you have a fabulous time!!

  11. She is so cute! What a lovely little thing!