Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A good day, yesterday, I guess, but exhausting. I'm sure you're right that things will settle down. It may be that I will need to build knitting-time specifically into the program. I got only a row or two done yesterday. Sitting with my husband, even watching our soap opera, involves being sent on errands.

My Hussain in the corner shop, who scarcely knows my husband but always asks kindly and with interest about his progress, told me yesterday about his own experience looking after an aged uncle. His description of getting the pillows right, and lining up the shoes beside the bed this way and not that way, was so like my husband as to make me laugh aloud.

I'll try to think about knitting today, as well as doing some of it, so as to have something to say to you tomorrow. Alexander is coming over, and our GP will be here at midday.


  1. Laughing is good! Glad to hear that things are progressing smoothly with your husband.

    Can you put off the errands - even briefly - so that you can get more knitting done? I usually say something like 'what a great idea (to fetch a biscuit or a story or something) and I'd love to do that just as soon as I have finished my cup of tea/this row/watched to the end of this programme'

  2. I'm sure that you'll find your way to have some knitting time. Ask the GP for a prescription for it, since it so good for you.

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Those little interchanges with the Hussains of the world make all the difference, don't they?
    - Beth in Ontario

  4. Knitting is a vital part of your mental healthcare regimen (or at least that's my argument for carving out knitting time).
    I've learned over the years that my mental health can be negatively affected if I don't knit for a while.

  5. I am always a much more cheerful person if I get time to knit. Knowing this, my family often urges me to go knit. It occurred to me that they realize it's to their own benefit as well as mine if their mother (or wife) is in a better mood.
    I like the notion of getting a doctor's prescription or saying, yes, dear, at the end of this bit...