Saturday, October 10, 2015

My husband was listless when I saw him yesterday – most uncharacteristic. A nurse said that he had been trembling, or shivering, in the morning and they had given him diazapam (=valium; I won't check the spelling), which probably accounts for it. Things seem to be more or less under control. The fever is down. He is being given oxygen, and a course of intravenous antibiotics. Alexander and Ketki and the boys were over – still are, at a grand hotel – but didn't get to talk to him because he was asleep. They'll call in this morning before dashing westward home to watch the rugby.

We have been worrying, like you, Shandy, about whether the care package will stay in place. He may need even more care. We can't have him bunged up for weeks again, just waiting for carers. We may have to work out a deal between Lothian Council and our private provider. The Occupational Therapist is a key figure – (s)he it is who pronounces on how much care is needed.

He is in a nice, quiet respiratory ward. Four gents. Three of them, like himself, on oxygen yesterday. Three of them, like himself (but a different three), in bed. All quiet. Nobody singing folk songs as in dreadful Urology back in May. The television wasn't even on. I wonder if they'll watch the rugby?


I have renewed my subscription to IK for two years, and am grateful to you for straightening things out for me. I cannot believe that I am the only knitter in the world who leapt to the conclusion that a subscription running until Winter 2016 didn't need to be renewed quite yet.

And I have been happily weighing yarn. I am grateful to Liza for searching the blog and telling me that I ordered eight skeins of Whiskey Barrel, and to others for telling me how to do it myself in future.

The back of the Sous Sous used about 350 grams – that was a surprise. I thought I had used just about exactly three skeins. I think I am probably about halfway through that pattern – the front is substantially smaller than the back, and the sleeves are very small.

It is harder to estimate how far along I am with the vest, since front and back have been knit together up to the armholes. Two/third's? It weighs about 270 without its attached ball of yarn, 320 or so with it. That's including the needle, of course.

Despite that mysterious extra 50 grams in the Sous Sous, I have used three skeins so far for it, and am nearing the end of the third skein to be employed in the vest, and have two complete skeins to go. It is very satisfactory indeed to know that much. I may have enough already to finish the vest. I will need another three -- call it four -- for the Sous Sous.

I don't really need to order more until the eighth skein is wound and joined in. I will order generously, as always, but I shouldn't need to have a whole bagful of leftovers.

I keep eyeing the beautiful package of Roasted Hatch Chillies – madtosh DK – that my husband judged too bright for his vest. I've left it out where I can eye it regularly. It brightens my day. Something for somebody for Xmas? An infinity scarf, perhaps? A knock-about-the-house sweater for myself (it's said to be washable), perhaps a fisherman's rib?

And speaking of actually wearing sweaters one knits, I find that the Relax is almost always the one I reach for. A bit of warmth, just the right amount, and delicious ease. Hellie Kiernan has my first attempt, and I believe wears it often. Gauge wasn't the difficulty. It came out the size I was aiming at – I hadn't grasped that the pattern needed far more ease. Hellie – she was Hellie Ogden in those days – is tiny; my first attempt is just right for her. I'm awfully glad I went ahead and did it again.

Go, Scotland!


  1. If the Relax is what you always reach for, and the Roasted Hatch Chillies is a cheering sight, perhaps another Relax, or similar style, for yourself would be the thing? Nice soothing stockinette as a counterpoint to the double moss of Sous Sous?

  2. So,so sorry for your husband's health problems, Jean and terribly sorry you have to bear the weight of it all too. Hope he makes a quick recovery from this recent setback.

  3. When I really need precision in weighing yarn I take it to the post office, where there happily weigh it for me, laughing at the nutty knitter. I hope the situation with your husband sorts out, and that you get to watch the rugby and that Scotland wins.

  4. Go Scotland indeed. A thriller in Newcastle. Scotland leading 36-26 as I write this. Go Ireland tomorrow.

  5. sorry to hear DH is not much better. take advantage of the peace and quiet to rest up!

  6. I find it very discouraging myself to suffer major setbacks. Here he was home with the kitty and now back in hospital. I sympathize with him.

  7. Anonymous7:19 AM

    So sorry to hear your husband is ill again. I'm hope he is home soon, with care package intact or improved.

    I'm with the crowd of make Relax in Roasted Hatch Chilies for yourself. Think of how lovely that will be in January-both the making and the wearing! Though leaving out the yarn with the Purrdator atound seems hazardous to its health.

    Beverly in NJ

    1. Perdita isn't allowed in the sitting room, where the Roasted Hatch Chillies package is visible. There is simply too much potential for naughtiness in there.