Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We had a good night. My husband seems well. Now we are waiting for the first carer. Morning and evening, the visits need to synchronise with the district nurses who are now in charge of insulin. In the morning, one doesn't want too much time to have to elapse between his being ready for breakfast and the nurse arriving; in the evening, one wants a good interval between insulin and the bedtime carer, to allow for an evening meal.

It doesn't always work, to judge from the week when he was home recently.

Perdita loves to help and advise while all this is going on – and to nip into the sitting room and attack my yarn, while attention is distracted elsewhere. And some of the carers don't like her. So the best plan is for her to be sequestered in the spare room when help comes. She doesn't like that.


Not much, yesterday, but I did finish the fourth Dunfallandy triangle. Maybe when the whole thing is done, I'll write to the designer congratulating her – the horizontal cable is an unvention worthy of considerable note – and offering my little correction to that final triangle row.

I did a bit more hat, but only a very little bit. You are absolutely right, the designer of the Greystone hat is Melissa Thomson-without-a-p. Where did I get “Leapman” from?

I hope to resume the sleeveless vest today.

One of you wrote to me yesterday about a crowd-funded project to teach knitting to Shetland children. It used to be taught in the schools. That was dropped relatively recently, I think because of funding problems. It would be tragic indeed if a new generation doesn't learn at the only age when it is possible, at least for most people, to acquire the necessary speed and skill and have it become second nature.

I've contributed, as Tayside00. And speaking of crowd-funding, the Vintage Shetland Project book should be with us in the foreseeable future, now that November looms. I'm keenly looking forward to that – a great incentive to clear some of these WIPs off my plate.


  1. Melissa Leapman is also a designer. Maybe you have done one of her patterns too.

    Glad your day went well yesterday. I hope things continue to run smoothly. And if something helps you clear away WIPs you will have to publish a how-to book for the rest of us!

  2. Joined the crowd funding, as well. A worthy goal. Happy to hear the first settling in is going well. With Perdita's help, of course.

  3. =Tamar10:44 PM

    Having a place to put Perdita is a good idea. If there's a toy she especially likes, maybe it could be kept there. It might be even better if you could somehow train her to accept being in a carrier, even sleep in one, but that could take time.
    Nobody likes to be greeted with irritation, so the various visiting carers will probably be interested in setting up a schedule that will correlate insulin with meals.

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