Friday, October 16, 2015

I enjoyed my Day hugely. I didn't go anywhere, or do anything except read and knit and talk to my cat.

    My husband was reported to be in good spirits, and C. said that Colin the sumo wrestler was gone. But she also said that the curtains were drawn around his bed, and that she thought there was someone there named Kevin. Like Doubting Thomas, I'll need the evidence of my own eyes on this one. The main thing is that my husband is bearing up.

Everything is more or less in place for his release. I will try to find out from the hospital today, what their plans are.

Back here at the ranch, I knit a whole other triangle for the Dunfallandy blankie:

That picture was taken when I had knit only one. Notice, if possible, how some of the cables seem to run from one square or triangle across to another.

Here are pics plucked from Google Images' Dunfallandy Stone page.

The triangles have a final row unique to themselves. Both times, something went wrong with mine. I don't think it shows. Most of that row is purl. The mistake means that some of the increases and decreases (there aren't many) will be in somewhat the wrong place. I emerged with the right number of stitches. But the fact that it has happened twice means that I need to examine the instructions with some care – they are stitch-by-stitch, not charted – to see where either they or I went wrong.

The whole pattern has been so meticulously planned and proof-read that it didn't occur to me, after the first mishap, that the fault could be other than my own.

I think I might try to knit a third triangle today, while the iron is hot.

Nosenabook, I do agree that Powiwi Pink would be a fun colour of Zealana Rimu DK, just to have. Hulucraft said yesterday that they have dispatched my package, so I may have more to tell you soon.


  1. Oh my. I cannot imagine a more perfect day than reading, knitting, and talking to the cat. May you have many more such days (or at the very least, portions of days).

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      I agree completely.
      -- stashdragon

  2. That Dunfallandy looks like a real challenge, I must say. Wonderful to see the stone itself. My knitting accomplishment for the past two days was turning a sock heel. Sad.

  3. Wow! That is an incredible blanket you are knitting.
    I bet Perdita loved all that conversation.

  4. skeindalous3:00 PM

    Just a comment on beginning the Greystone hat. As couple of Rav people mentioned, it seems to run small. I had gotten up to the pattern rows, tried it on, and immediately frogged back and cast on again with 105 st, an additional pattern repeat.

    I am using Malabrigo worsted and size 7 needles, so not small yarn or gauge.

    Hope this may help you.

  5. Now that's an awesome stone (and I'm kinda tempted to knit the blanket as a wall hanging now).
    My big knitting accomplishment was getting started on turning a circle doily pattern into a semi-circle shawl. Yours is way more impressive-looking!
    Here's hoping your husband continues to improve, & that knitting keeps going well. Oh, and assuming your VK has the same patterns as the USA version, there is a lovely blue hat that might be worth a look.