Saturday, October 24, 2015

This morning's problem is a lapse in internet connection. I have little doubt that I will be reconnected soon, but meanwhile valuable minutes have been lost.

Beverly, it's a date: Rhinebeck in 20??. How does it work? A day trip, or do we stay overnight and have a whole weekend? Or go twice? How far is it? Bless you and thank you for the invitation!

I tried to take a picture of the sleeveless vest for you this morning, but the iPad doesn't have a flash or maybe I just don't know how to make it go. I'll try again when there's more light. It's looking good, but seeing it spread out for photography I worry very slightly about whether I've made the “v” deep enough. I started on the first row after the 16 rows of underarm shaping. There are 80 rows in the underarm-to-shoulder section altogether. Should be all right.

On a painful subject: I have signed up for a mailing list – I may have told you – called 101 Days To Christmas. So far, not of much use, but it's a good daily reminder. Here's a suggestion from me: when a catalogue comes in that's worth flipping through, and you see something that's not absurdly expensive and you think, so-and-so might like that, order it.

I bought three presents yesterday, and thought of another (and have ordered it) while lying in bed this morning. The next thing – even better advice – would be to wrap them on arrival.

When I was young, the thing about Christmas (except that I never did it) was to get going around the time of my husband's birthday towards the end of November. Nowadays, that's far too late. The shops are full of Christmas now, and the crowds aren't there yet. Does Thanksgiving still hold the tide back a bit in the UsofA?

I seem to be back on-line. I had better seize the moment.


  1. Halloween doesn't even hold back the tide here in the States. It's very odd to see the juxtaposition of Halloween costumes and Christmas trees. Poor Thanksgiving just gets lost in the muddle.

  2. Here you see Halloween mixed with Thanksgiving mixed with Christmas....just far too much.

  3. I went to Rhinebeck the first time this year. My husband drove his sister and I the 3+ hours from Philadelphia. It really depends on what you want to do. We wanted to browse and shop. One day was plenty for that. I just wanted to touch all the yarn! The most fun was watching all the other knitters in their hand-knits. And the hot apple cider!

  4. I have never been to Rhinebeck. Next year is my plan. (Next year in Rhinebeck?) The crush of Christoweengiving in the stores is repulsive. It makes we want to run away till December 26.

  5. In total agreement with the earlier comments. You would think Christmas was imminent here in the States if you walked through the retail stores. I will hand it to Nordstrom though. They don't put up their "major" decorations until after Thanksgiving. One year, years ago now, I was so put off by Christmas in October that I rented an apartment in Paris and was there from December 1 until December 25. It was delightful.

    1. Anonymous4:50 PM

      Wow! That is now my dream plan for the Christmas season.
      -- stashdragon

  6. Ah, Hallowthankmas! Ugh. And "Black Friday" sales have started to cream into Thanksgiving day itself. Oh, for the "good old days"! That said, I suppose I really should start making lists and deciding who is getting what this year. Especially, who is getting hand made gifts this year. May need to cut back there...

  7. Hi Jean! It still looks like Halloween and Thanksgiving at the place I shop the most - the grocery store! I have not been to the shiny shopping mall lately but when I do I'll report back.
    We are leaving for Mexico in a bit over a week and our destination is near where the big storm came through. I'm sure we won't see much Christmas in vacation land but I love the Mexican people and their love of Feliz Navidad, so I'm sort of hoping.

  8. no complaints for me, there is a little bit of christmas stuff here and there, but there's no thanksgiving - and halloween is too important over here (ireland:) I have to say though - in my old home (germany) the christmas sweets come into the shops as soon as the summer hols are over - we're lucky that way! and most radio stations only start the christmas carols in december - whereas you're drowned in the stuff from the end of october in germany:( by the time christmas was upon us I was thoroughly fed up with that!

    I don't agree with the wrapping though! far easier to collect everything in a box (or two:) and do a big wrapping session in one. saves on digging out all the stuff over and over again. I make practically everything myself, so my problem is more the lack of time than the wrapping:)

  9. My children came rushing into the kitchen this afternoon to tell me that someone has put up a Christmas tree in their window...

    I'm making our Christmas cake this weekend. I always like to do it about now (end October) for some reason. Mental list making has been going on for some time - although nothing yet bought or made...

  10. Rhinebeck... would be fun to join you... i have not been either (silly since i live about 1.5 hours away). christmas ugh. i am still dealing with birthdays of this year let alone thinking of christmas.