Friday, October 23, 2015


These beautiful gloves arrived in the post yesterday. No message. I knew at once who had knit and sent them, and the return address on the envelope confirmed it. Identifying works of art is much like that – all those x-rays and chemical analysis of paint comes second; first, you look and recognise, much as (in the old, pre-electronic days) you recognised your mother's handwriting on an envelope.

This must be by X, because n other artist could have done it. 

Thanks, Lynn.

As well as being beautiful (and as well as fitting), they are immaculately knit. No strained threads at base of thumbs or fingers. No knots where yarns were joined. How does she do it?

Another day, here. My husband has a painful rash in the groin area. Yesterday, at last, we got a serious ointment for it, prescribed by the GP during his visit on Wednesday. We hope for results soon. It is possible that if he were in less pain, my husband's temper would be better. As it is, things continue tough.

I attached the second ball and started knitting the v-neck shaping for the vest yesterday. I would hope that by tomorrow I might be far enough along that a photograph would be meaningful. And I got as far as establishing that Loop doesn't have madtosh Whiskey Barrel, as I must have known all along. Order to Webs today, I hope.

I got up to John Lewis yesterday while the private carer was here at midday. Asymmetry is everywhere, ladies! I love it! However, I was in that dept determined to press on through and look at gents' sweaters. Nada, as expected. Racks and racks of merino and cashmere and lambswool for wearing in offices. Tables of heavy, bristly wool for mountaineers. Nowhere could I be more usefully employed than in knitting DK sweaters for gents.

Another year, another Rhinebeck. One day!


  1. What a cheering present. Good on you, Lynn!

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Jean, I would so love it if you're could come to visit me in NJ and we could go up to Rhinebeck together. If you buy nothing (ha!), don't even look at one vendor's booth, it is still a wonderful experience for any fiber artist. It is an amazing thing to be around so many thousands who all love yarn and knitting and think about knitting as much as one does oneself.

    I know your sister lives in CT and is probably no further than I am, but I sense that she is not of our tribe, though perhaps an enthusiastic supporter. I think it is key to go with other fiberistas.

    Not one day. Next year!

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Bag balm works on painful rashes. The pediatrician recommended it for our grandbabies.

    1. =Tamar7:14 PM

      It's great stuff. On the other hand, we used to swear by A&D Ointment and used it as a preventative. I don't know what the equivalents would be in the UK.

    2. To prevent rashes, I recommend that patients slather on Glaxal Barrierre cream which contains Silicone 20 %. I'm sure it is available in UK, as Glaxal is an English company. Ask your chemist if they stock it. It is soothing, and the silicone makes it water resistant so that sweat doesn't wash it away.

  4. What a cheering surprise for you! Grouchy people who need our help are not fun to help. I hope things improve on that front.

  5. Those gloves Lynne the Socklady knit you are amazing! I just had a quick visit with her as she was headed down to the US for a spinning function and she said she had just popped them in the mail. I'm glad they arrived safe and sound!

    I hope both your husband's rash and his mood improve. I hate to think of you spending your days with someone treating you so miserably.

  6. Just a small gift to brighten up your day. And they are warm for fall walks.

  7. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Those cheerful gloves came at the right moment. Take care of yourself as well as your husband. Here's hoping that his mood will improve along with the rash.
    -- stashdragon

  8. If the "serious ointment" doesn't clear up the rash, make sure someone takes a swab. My husband suffered unnecessarily when prescribed an anti-fungal for what was in fact a strep B infection. This meant meticulous cleansing for the rest of his life, but it never reappeared.

  9. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Hello Jean, I think it's an excellent idea to escape to John Lewis or for a walk or a coffee with the newspaper. After all, you previously had a daily walk with your husband so it should be easily achievable for you to escape for a couple of hours every day as you need the exercise and air for your own health and wellbeing. I just love those gloves........

  10. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Wow lovely gloves indeed!
    We are just starting to need light gloves in Toronto these days.
    Glad you are going for a walk as a break in the day.
    best regards