Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A pretty good day's knitting, yesterday.

I got in a pleasant 45 minutes at Kathy's Knits. When I got there, a customer and her husband were sitting on the sofa. I was constrained to look at yarn for a while. Kathy's stock is, fortunately, extremely interesting. When the others left, I got in another pattern repeat on the hat. Two to go, of twelve.

I finished the first ball of possum yarn, and attached the next. That always feels like progress. What if I kept a running score in the sidebar next year of skeins purchased and skeins consumed? It might prove salutary.

And at home, I finished the first 16-row pattern repeat on the front of the Sous Sous. The temptation there is to carry on until the present skein is exhausted, not far to go. It's the last one, until the package comes from Webs. We'll see.

The weekend's festivities loom, and behind them, Christmas. At least I am spared Thanksgiving.

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  1. skeindalous10:40 AM

    I added one extra cable repeat to the Greystone hat. Perhaps it is my row gauge, perhaps I just like it more slouchy! Made mine in Malabrigo and love it. Soon will be needed here in New England.