Monday, November 09, 2015

Greek Helen was in Delphi yesterday. She had secured permission through a Greek friend to get close-up-and-personal to an early Christian mosaic ordinarily viewable only from above and at an angle. She found this:

Isn't it wonderful? She particularly liked the kitten's little paws.

She also sent this:

Very Delphi, that one.


I got a certain amount actually done yesterday. GrannyPurple, you're absolutely right and I was absolutely wrong – the instructions for the front of the Sous Sous are correct. I'm nearly ready to start the cabling, and I think the end of the first full repeat will be the point at which to switch to the Tokyo shawl. I've completely forgotten how I assigned percentage points for the sidebar to either project.

Sure enough, the corners of the Sous Sous are dipping down under the weight, so to speak, of the decreases. My husband's sister used often to say to me, “There's lots you don't know”. How right she was!

Rachel phoned last night with plans for the Birthday Weekend which is now looming. She and Ed will be here late Friday evening and can devote themselves on Saturday to getting the dining room ready.

She said that she and Ed plan to drive up and spend Christmas with us. Most of their children will be absent anyway, scattered about the world. That is a pleasant prospect to look forward to.

I have an INR blood test scheduled for this morning, at a time which means that I will have to leave my husband alone for what should only be a few minutes before a carer lets herself in with a key she has found in our new key safe. I'm more than a bit nervous about the arrangement.  


  1. Oh miaou - that's a marvellous mosaic! Purrfect in fact

  2. Wonderful! Delphi was the most magical place we saw in Greece, I think. Mid-March, it was empty of tourists and full of wild flowers.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I still hope to get to Delphi someday. The more mosaics the better!
    Belated congratulations on finishing the vest, having it fit and having good notes to knit another version! Those are key points I seem to be having trouble with.
    have a good week!

  4. Lovely mosaic, the cat who caught the rat! Makes a perfect "Don't mess with our household" message.

  5. =Tamar9:49 PM

    The cat is great. Is there a name for the mosaic? I'm curious about the rest of it now.