Monday, November 30, 2015

I got on nicely with the Dunfallandy triangle yesterday – not much, but no mistakes. Today I have an appt with the practice nurse to have a blood test, related to my daily dose of rat poison. I think I'll take my knitting along and spend as much as an extra half hour there – it's a spacious, quiet place; dr's offices often run slow; my husband will have good care here. If I come home, I'll be in demand.


Isabella, thanks for the tip on “In the Footsteps of Sheep”. Here's the link you provided to the Schoolhouse. I have ordered it from I Knit London, as Meg herself suggests. I wonder what she (=Debbie Zawinski, the author of the book) will have to say about the interminable blackface we live among in Perthshire. I had understood that their fleece was pretty well useless. I greatly look forward to that, and to the bits about St Kilda and Shetland.

Maureen, HALFPINT is something like Have A Lovely Future? Project I....No Time. Someone ought to be able to do better than that.

But I think I'll move plotulopi back down my own list. Scratchy, I don't like. Thank you for that, Cam. Maybe one day.

Jane, I'm glad to hear that your Dunfallandy blankie is progressing. That was a good move, to find your place in one square by knitting the next one. I actually put a mark | next to each row after I knit it. The current triangle is a particularly good one, because it is my 10th time through the pattern so I am adding a cross bar to the preceding four uprights, which makes it very easy to see where I am.

My iPad seems to have relented and will now send photos off by email again, even without being re-set as I kept meaning to do. Here is a recent picture of Archie playing with Perdita, to prove it. I will try to arrange the pieces of my Dunfallandy today and see if I can get a picture for you.

Mary Lou, the Dunfallandy is certainly not easy, but it's a lot of fun, and there is something rather exciting about being in on the first appearance of the horizontal cable. As for Mass, no, I haven't been getting there lately. The privately-paid help comes for three hours at midday, which ought to suffice, but the hours shift slightly from day to day and somehow it hasn't worked. Next Sunday we're down for 10 until 1, which ought to be perfect. Mass is at 11:30, and brisk. 

Perdita says: e333./34aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;ww


  1. "Have A Lovely Fantasy Project; I've No Time." I believe this, along with "tink" and "frog," was the original invention of Amy Detjen, back in the Wild West days of the Knitlist listserv (1990s).

  2. In the Footsteps of Sheep sounds worth looking for. I watched a documentary called Addicted to Sheep over the weekend. Very sweet, but not one bit of spinning, weaving, or knitting in evidence. Maybe the sheep the family have (Swaledale?) are not good for wool, just meat.

  3. I do use the tic marks, but somehow got off during the rows where you cut the yarn and slide back and reknit the right side. I could have counted and compared and figured it out, but it just seemed easier at the time to start the next one. I have seamed the four squares together and am not sure I am really happy with them. I will be interested to see how your squares fit together. I found the edges rather loose but that is probably more to do with my M1 than the pattern.

  4. Perdita is a fire ball! How cute!