Friday, November 20, 2015

There is nothing to report this morning except that we have arrived at the beginning of another day in more or less the condition in which we reached the last one. Times are hard, here, so that's an achievement worth mentioning.

I continued with the Tokyo shawl. I might even finish the current stint today, Band 25. n bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbxc (comment from Perdita). Next should be Dunfallandy, but there are movements afoot to get in some respite care here (no small thing) so that I could go to London for a few days. I could see Rachel's new house! I could go to Loop! I could see the Goya exhibition! And Dunfallandy squares would be perfect travel knitting -- so maybe I'll go back to the Sous Sous for now.

I've been to Loop, once, with Shandy, years ago, to sit at Franklin's feet and learn useful and interesting things. But I got to see nothing of the shop that day, except for a sense of an Aladdin's cave of wonders.


One thing achieved yesterday was to plant daffodil bulbs in pots outside the front door. They were a recent supermarket impulse buy, and if a friend hadn't nudged me, they would still have been in their supermarket package when spring came. It is nice to have their cheerful faces to look forward to.


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Hello Jean, respite care is so important as is the prospect of a few days away doing some things you really enjoy. I hope you manage to do this before it's time for the daffodils. This time of year is always difficult for me with the shorter days and colder weather, the daily grind seems more tolerable when the sun is shining.

  2. A few days in London, doing what pleases you? Go for it!

  3. You never know how strong you are until being strong is all you've got. Use Winston Churchill's mantra. 'Just keep on'

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Thanks again for sharing the birthday celebration photos.
    I'll think positive about the London trip. It sounds fun indeed!
    You are making lots of knitting progress these days. Looking forward to the project photos when you have a chance.
    best wishes for the weekend

  5. I do hope that works out. What an excellent job of parenting you have done that your children see the need for respite care and take charge. (Assuming it is them.)

  6. Sending hugs, strength, and patience. I hope you get to London soon.

  7. Oh, I do hope you get to go to London. It's like a real-life version of Cinderella going to the ball.

  8. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I've always wanted see multiple Goyas at once. I think you 'understand' an artist better that way. Hope you get to go! And then Loop, too! P.S. Glad you clarified Perdita's contribution as hers. It could have just as easily been spell check. (LOL) Chloe

  9. It would be something to plan for, and to look forward to, when things get tough. Would you get a nurse in for overnights?

    I do remember that day at Loop - Franklin talking non-stop for three and a half hours, and dressing up in his sample night-cap and shawl. The actual shop did allow one to handle Jared Flood's Shelter and Loft, which was interesting, but I have yet to knit the three skeins of yarn which I bought there.

  10. Jean, I'm a newbie to your blog, but I'm enjoying them so much. Your sense of humor shines through. I hope your trip to London will bring you some welcome relaxation and refreshment.