Sunday, November 01, 2015

Well, you were right, Nana Go-Go. What with one thing and another, I didn't log on to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival until 2:11 yesterday, 11 minutes after the off. Marchant was sold out. So, no brioche knitting for me, half- or otherwise. I did get tomofholland and Woolly Wormhead for the other two days, and went for Carol Feller, Making the Most of Gradient Yarns to replace Marchant. The website was coping splendidly with what must have been a strain.

How about you? And Knitlass, will you be there? Perhaps by then we'll have a Calcutta Cup to rejoice over -- I feel God owes it to us.

Maybe I'll be able to have a peek at somebody's class handout from the Marchant class. I am curious to know how she can possibly be combining brioche with lace patterns. If she takes it anywhere, there'll be an article or even a book one day.

I had another very pleasant session at Kathy's Knits yesterday – Saturday morning, and more exciting than before. I think I have two mis-crossed cables in the Greystone hat as a result but I'm not going to worry about them. It's not like the Sous Sous where you were absolutely right to tell me to go back and fix it.

What a nice little object a hat is! And finished when it's finished. I might knock off another before Xmas – a Woolly Wormhead or an mlegan. I had a quick cruise around both of those Ravelry pages yesterday; there are plenty of good possibilities.

As for basic knitting, not much. I have picked up stitches for the first sleeve-hole of the v-neck vest and have done about half of the ribbing. Our current schedule has all but eliminated peaceful knitting time from the day. Bedtime is so early that the late afternoon is absorbed in planning the evening meal and having it ready to be produced when the diabetic nurses have been here to inject insulin – they can vary by as much as an hour, but my husband must eat fairly promptly once it has been done.

Kathy 's Knits helps a lot, and I'll keep at it. I'll just have to trot along with Dunfallandy triangles and Sous Sous cables and learn to concentrate.


Archie is coming to lunch today – we haven't seen him yet this term. And plans are accelerating for my husband's 90th birthday celebrations.


  1. Glad to hear you managed to book some of the classes you were eying up. I haven't booked anything as my options are rather constrained by work/family life. I have checked the schedule, and made an imaginary list of things I would go to if time and money were limitless!

    I hope Scotland can use the defeat to Australia as serious motivation in the Six Nations. It could be magnificent with all teams wanting to prove something after their World Cup results. Calcutta Cup - yes!

  2. Oh Lucky You! All that was left of the WW classes was the Cast On. Cast Off so I went for that one and got it! I would have preferred the Garter Stitch and Beyond but the sky won't fall in because I didn't! Just to be in her emminent presence will be enough! Also, on the knitting skills front, learning how to do various casting on/off techniques won't be half as intimidating as being among a classful of estimable knitters (yourself included under that heading, of course) but maybe one day I will be brave enough to sign up for one of Gudrun's or Ysolda's classes! Hope to see you there, Jean. Good Luck with the birthday celebs.It was a supreme match yesterday. Suppose they have every right to crow relentlessly about it!

  3. Glad to hear you got a few good classes. And really, if the teacher is worth her/his salt, you learn some useful things no matter what. Enjoy the visit with Archie.

  4. Woolley Wormhead has started a mystery hat with the first clue going out today!