Sunday, November 08, 2015

The whole subject of language changing and bits of language surviving – several comments yesterday – is a fascinating one. I vaguely feel that I was told once that there are remote Appalachian communities which preserve interesting fragments of 17th and 18th century English.

My own favourite story comes from a friend who went from Oberlin to Oxford and was one day reading an essay to her tutor when she came to the word “shone” – what the sun did (or didn't) do yesterday.

He interrupted her with delight. “You pronounce it the way Pope did!” (The British say “shawn” nowadays.)


Not much, yesterday. The front of the Sous Sous is going to be very interesting. It is sort of scooped-out, and I had assumed that short rows were involved. No, apparently. Starting right here at the beginning, there is a decrease a few stitches in from either side, and a compensating YO on either side of the central cabled pattern. (Do google it if you're interested – I'm not going to risk taking the time.)

I will enjoy seeing how that works out. And how the side seams can possibly get to be long enough to sew to the back.

I am mildly worried by the instruction: “Repeat rows 3-4 while working repeats of the 16-row cable pattern...” If you took that literally, the side panels would be a 1x1 rib, not the double moss stitch intended. It takes four rows to write out double moss stitch, stitch-by-stitch. It's the sort of thing which can upset a beginner a good deal.


Thanks for the help. I remain baffled. I used to be able to take a picture, edit it if need be, email it to myself straight from the Photos app on the iPad, incorporate it here.

I tried, yesterday, with a different photograph. No luck. It's not, therefore, that that particular one is stuck. Today, perhaps, I will try adding a couple of words of text to the email. And I could try to send a proper email from the iPad's page and attach a picture from the Photos app. What could be wrong?


  1. Jean, when I have iPad glitches like you're having with your photos the first thing I do is close the app (double click and then swipe it off the screen) and then either shut my iPad down or do a hard reset. I find that usually resolves the issue.

  2. I'm with Maureen. Although my current iphone problems with wifi are not being resolved by that usual trick.

  3. GrannyPurple1:51 PM

    Jean, it IS just repeat rows 3 & 4. Because you are doing the increase/decrease at the middle and edges, the stitches move over, so to speak. Have finished my SousSous, and lengthened it by one repeat front and back. I think that may be just a bit too much of the shaping, as it does quite a flare at the hips...

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Appalachian English preserves traces of Shakespeare, and French Acadian spoken in south Louisiana is closer to Molière than the street’s of today’s Paris. At least, this has been true historically and until quite recently; I wonder if our interconnected world with global media reach has already changed both language communities?

  5. I had similar issues with photos on my iPhone sent via Google Mail. I think one of them is trying to be smart, but rather misinterpreting your intentions. You may want to check your sent mail folder in your email. That's where mine were hiding when I had a similar problem.

  6. I grew up in Appalachia in the 50s and 60s. I was shocked that the other students in the midwest high school did not understand Shakespeare. But everyone has satellite dishes now and the young are all part of the MTV crowd. I don't think this is a bad thing since speaking differently is too often seen as stupidity or worse.

  7. Canadian here, and I say shone as shown.

  8. Interesting comment from Anon about Acadians. I live near an Acadian village in Nova Scotia. Although I can understand standard French or the Swiss French, I cannot understand a word of the local dialect. Pomme becomes poom, etc.