Sunday, November 29, 2015

You didn't tell me that Franklin has a pattern in the ne/w VK! I missed it the first time through when I was skimming over all the beads in that first section. It's #4, Beaded Opera Gloves, and even for love of Franklin I'm never going to knit beaded opera gloves, or any other sort. But, gosh! We knew him when...

I also, on a calmer note, found the article about Kieran Foley interesting. I don't think I've ever heard of him, and I don't think he's my cup of tea, but still, interesting.

Thank you for putting me right about the Vintage Shetland Project. You're absolutely right – there have been updates, and I have received them. When I searched my mail for that topic, there they were, presumably classed as “Promotions”, a category into which I rarely dip. And you're right, JAG, that it will be good to have the book after Christmas when calm returns. And in my case, when a couple of major WIPs may actually be finished.

I tried YouTube for Plotulopi – there's remarkably little to be seen, but I found one where an enthusiast was demonstrating how to wind it into balls. It does seem to emerge from the wheel in a form recognisable as yarn. That one has been on my HALFPINT list for a long time – I might edge it up a couple of notches.

I seem to have pre-ordered Heather Zoppetti's “Unexpected Cables”. It turned up the other day. I haven't opened it yet, but look forward to the experience.

As for actual knitting, yesterday was another good day. I got in half an hour at Kathy's Knits – she said one of you had been along during the week, hoping to find me there. What a pity we missed each other! I made a good start on the ribbing of the Awesome hat.

And at home, I made a good start on the sixth (of eight) Dunfallandy triangle – 16 rows done, no mistakes. 


  1. I have a newly-arrived great-nephew, but I think I'll go for something easier than Dunfallandy. I thought I had supported Vintage Shetland, but it seems like it was the Peerie Makkers, something else I think you mentioned. Are you getting out to Mass at all these days, or having someone come in?

  2. MaureenTakoma2:57 PM

    Could somebody remind me what HALFPINT stands for?

    I'm looking forward to seeing the next progress photos of the baby blanket. You seem to be making great progress with it given the challenges of your schedule.

  3. I am making progress on the Dunfallandy blanket. I managed on the third square to lose my place, so started the fourth and knit until they matched and am almost done with both of them now. Then on to the triangles. The little guy is due in March, so need to keep working, despite side trips into hats and mittens.

  4. I have a box of plotulopi -- enough to make a floor length coat, I think -- but having fooled around with it a bit, it's very scratchy, even rough -- for me, only useful as a coat. And for me, pretty hard on the hands during the knitting. But it's a lovely color, and I will use it eventually, when the right pattern leaps out at me. . . .

  5. How perfectly apt that "Unexpected Cables" arrived unexpectedly. ;)

  6. Beaded gloves seem very Franklin. I'll bet they are exquisite.

    Plotulopi. I just finished Stephen West's Exploration Station shawl in plotulopi. Not a fan - I don't enjoy working with singles, and plotulopi is beyond singles! However, I will say that washing and blocking transformed the fabric as much as anything I've ever worked. It became soft and drapey. But still very, very hairy.

  7. I went again to look at Plotulopi and ended up at Schoolhouse Press, Meg's place. And I thought that maybe you'd like to know about her new publication, a book about Scotland and sock knitting.

    Because the author is Debbie Zawinski is local, from East Lothian and also my friend. We Scots, naturalised and other, have to cheer each other on after all. And (ahem) I test knitted one of the sock patterns in that book, there is a picture to prove it, lol!